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Wierd Chest Injury

I was doing dips one day and the center of my chest started hurting, it didn’t really bother me much so I just kept going but once I got done it hurt like hell for 2 days. Everytime I exhaled I could feel it. It’s been like 5 months already and it still hurts but it’s not as severe. I was wondering what I might’ve hurt and how I can help it heal.

Dude, if you haven’t already: go to a doctor.

Sounds like you may have popped some ribs.

5 months?..go see a doctor! I get the same thing from dips every so often but it goes away within a FEW DAYS, normally I just depress and retract my scapulas and lean back some to get a nice stretch in my sternum and it feels better. But if it has been several months there is something seriously wrong

You could have a pulled costal cartilage. I’ve had these before and they take a long time to heal, especially if you keep tweaking on it. A doctor could tell you more.

I hate to scare you but you may have either broken a few ribs, or worse, broken your sternum. Obviously not badly enough for any ultra serious problems, but well worth going to a doctor’s for.

So, the most popular opinion is to go see a doctor… Heh, thanks I should’ve should’ve went sooner :slight_smile:

I think I have the exact same thing. After dips and sometimes benching, I get a pain in the my chest in the centre between my pecs. If u stretch my upper back backwards I can feel it too. It can go away for weeks and then come back.

Go see a doctor dude, get soem films done to confirm you don’t have a break.

You may have knocked some ribs out or perhaps you developed some costrocondritis, niether of which are savory.

Good luck,


Mate, I’ve got the same problem right now. It’s slowly healing up tho. I can feel the damn thing click when i sneeze! After reading this thread, I’m off to the doctor, although last time I had the problem, it healed itself over a few months…I know his likely response will be to rest the injury and not train for a while…yay…

I currently have the same thing as well. I’ve had it in the past where it heals in about a week or two but this has stuck on for months. I’ve seen physio and ART for it with minimal relief (in fairness to the physio and ART though, it was only treated as an “add-on” to the other injuries I was there for).

I believe mine to be a dislocation of a rib. I can actually feel the rib sitting on top of the sternum instead of inserting into the side where it should.

Good luck with your treatment and please post if there was a good method you used to recover.