wieghtlifting recovery

hi!um an international wieghtlifter{israel champion}and i would like to
now what is best supplements that you
recomend to my sport.i train 6 times aweek{aworkour per day…}and rest on asutarday.my biggest problmem is thoe recovery issue becuse i cant get clear
haded to my workouts…
p.s-soory on my english…

Weightlifting has very strict rules regarding supplementation. I would highly suggest checking out what you can and can’t use. The basics will work best. A good protein supplement (Grow) and a good post-workout shake (Surge).

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As Israeli Champion, one would expect you to tell us a little bit about optimizing workouts, not ASKING about it to those who are neither champions nor experts.

I’m going to go out on a limb, and suppose that you are serious. I am also a OLer who trains 6 days a week. In the past, I have used only whey. However, now I am drinking a whey/Gatorade combination before, during, and after my workouts, totaling 70g carb/35g protein. I have also began using ZMA from SNAC (biotest is also a SNAC formula). These have made noticeable differences in my recovery. I may also begin using creatine now, as I have clearly “outgrown” the 85’s and have some slack before reaching 94k.

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thanks for your replys…i have 2 more
1}what is gatorade?some one wrote he mix it with the protein…

2}some one wrote some thing about sanc
some thing with ZMA plese more on taht…

im keeping it short becuse it very hard for me to right in english so soory if im not very clear…

amitsapir, Glute Spanker seems to have confirmed your identity and given you some credibility so let me apologize for my previous comments.

Your english is very entertaining to say the least. Feel free to keep posting any question and we’ll try to help.

Gatorade is an american sports recovery drink with minerals and some sugars.

ZMA is a zinc/magnesium supplement which has been shown to boost anabolic hormones and promote faster recovry periods as well as greater strength and mass gain increases. Make sure ingredients do not mention calcium at all!

Make sure you dont stress out on a regular basis, sleep at least 8 hours of restful sleep, take a multivitamin. Take 1000 mg vitamin C after workout to speed up recovery and minimize cortisol levels. Ginseng MAY help speed up recovery by minimizing cortisol levels. Massages will do wonders for you, if you can afford them.

Your diet may be the culprit. Eating too many carbohydrates close to the workout will spike serotonin (brain chemical) too much, which will cause you too feel drowsy and lethargic, thus impairing your performance.

Good luck!

I think (and told him) it’s a combination of traning to close to his max for too long and improper mental relaxation.

thank you!..couple more qustinos
1)ZMA-how much to take?excat dosge plese…i have probelem with meth…{im 68 kilogram,6 very hard wotrkuts per week that take at least 2 ours per workout…im having also problem with the CNS recovery…i feel drain mentaly alot of times…some thing that could help that?
wich company do you recomend to this product?

2}my recovery drink after practice have
10- grams of creatin,40 gram whey protein,30 gram mlotedxtarine and some glocuse…how is that?do you i need to add something?

3)2000mg of vitamin c is that ok?

4)i heard wonders about the powerdrive?
could it help me?

5}any more things that could help my recovery will be great!{dont have moeny for massges and it hard no to be on stressful feelings here in israel!

According to Poliquin, you should take .66 g of protein per kilogram of bodyweight, and another .66 g of maltodextrin/dextrose per kg of bodyweight. That means you should have 45 g of protein and 45 g of maltodextrin/dextrose in your pst workout shake, along with your creatine.

I think volume is your main problem here. 45-60 minutes is the most your workouts should last. Anything longer will drastically reduce testosterone levels and increase cortisol which willl cause more muscle breakdown and slow down recovery. 2 hours is way too much.
Also, 6 days a week does not allow your Central nervous system to recover. This leads to fatigue and overreaching. It turns to overtraining which can take weeks to recover from with no weight training at all. A drained CNS will weaken the signal from the brain to the muscle much like a radio signal is weakened with too much interference. This translates into visible decreases in performance. On top of this a drained CNS will slow down the actual recovery from the workout, cortisol levels will be higher and testosterone will be lower, leading to less strength/muscle gain increases if any at all.

As for ZMA, follow the directions on the label. Different brands use different ammounts of zinc/magnesium, and some may require 4 capsules whereas a different brand may require only 2 capsules.

As for vitamin C, 1000 mg post workout, and an additional 1000 mg 3 more times throughout the day is ideal. I would shoot for at least 1000 mg post workout and 1000 mg with breakfast.

Additionally, as Glutespanker pointed out, working with poundages close to your 1RM for prolonged periods of time will drain your CNS, as it now needs to recruit as many motor units as possible to lift such a heavy weight (whereas, sets of 12 reps for example wont force your body to recruit AS MANY fibers as possible at the same time to get the weight up).

You should definitely alternate periods of maximal strength with periods of hypertrophy and periods of higher reps.

Protein-carb shake post workout and some kind of BCAA-glutamine powder.

Mike Mahler

ok…so let me see i got it…
1)my carb-protein shake after workout
need to feel the same amount of protein
and carbs{45 gram each…}is this coorect?

2)plese understand that my workout is compsoe from 4 basics exercises{snatch,claen and split ,pulls and squat-in diffrent ways of the exercise…}and this does take some thing like 60-90min…but add to that abbs workout,flexeblity workout,and alittle alttiude jumps and you get 2 ours and more work out…all off this are very important to me…and i cant just let tham go out of my progrem…
i dont have the chnace to practice 2 aday…so on what i need to give up??

3}got you about the zma…any more specific recovery supplemnts that you can recommed for me?

4}il say it agin…most internationl wiehtlifters trains like that{at least
6 per week with 4 exercise per sesion
and they wont get draind…u now they on
steroids buy not all of them…so iask how can i keep that training routine and still keep agood cns stste?

Getting enough sleep? Make sure to get at least 6, preferably more, hours a night. 10g of creatine is a waste, cut that down to 5g post workout. What time of day are you working out? Also, the post-workout drink should have more carbs than proteins, not 1:1…

i gets 7-8 ours sleep aday…
i train in around 6pm every day.
why more carbs?
i think my main problem is that my
traininig is very long(2 ours at least}
and very hard mentaly for me.the thing is i cant make them shorter or eseyer becuse i work with acoch and i cant make some thing he dont want me to do.
so i want to find away to make my mind clear and get beeter recovery.i fell alot of times that my cns is draind and i cant get my 100%.thanks for your help

Sackocrack tell that to Poliquin.

Diesel, Poliquin’s recommendations for PW drinks are obsolete. Sorry to say that, but if you’re getting your info from his articles here on T-mag or his books, well, they haven’t been updated in several years. The current research shows clearly that you should have something like a 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein in your PW shake, not 1:1. John M. Berardi has written extensively on this subject if you want the references, and if you try both protocols in real life, you’ll soon see that JMB trumps CP in this particular area.

As for what to take post-workout, Surge is the obvious choice. It already has the right ratio of carbs to protein, tastes good, and works amazingly well. It will have far more impact on your recovery than ZMA or anything else you can take (assuming that you’re getting enough basic protein in your diet already). And so far as I know, it’s not banned by any sports federation anywhere.