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Width Problems

My leg training has always worked great. I’m thick and balanced in the upper body, but have always had trouble getting wider. To correct this I plan to have vertical pulling/pushing 2X weekly. I plan to do standing overhead presses, seated BNPs, external rotator work (always have it as part of my upper body workout), and chins. Any advice? I have only done shoulder width supinated chins; do yall recommend something like modified gymnast routine? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Looks OK. Maybe some lateral raises for delt caps, bent raises for rear delt caps, bent rows for lower lats, and always use weights when chinning (even if its a 20pound dumbell between your feet cause unweighted chins get stale real quick). Oh, and if you aint putting on pounds by eating/overeating, you wont get any wider ever.

Thanks for the advice, I will use the cap exercises as my external rotator work. My eating is good, as I stated I am making significant gains in legs and thickness of upper body. I have done bent rows for lats for all my horizontal pushing/pulling workouts, so I am not going to include them. I will not add weight to chins, as I can only do 3 bodyweight chins.

Vertical Plane training can also include shrugs, high pulls, upright rows and dips :wink:

Patty-Boom-Batty…just a side-note first: I have been reading your posts, advice and personal victories quite closely of late, and let me be the first to tell you that I am completely exstatic and astounding by your progress, knowledge and words of wisdom! It’s hella awesome for someone like myself to see/hear someone like you being so excited, motivated and successful at a young age! Keep up the great work, T-Bro:-)

Now for the important business…I love the standing overhead press, it’s boombastic and I think it allows for maximum poundages–especially if you do an ultraset technique like clean and press, where you’re pretty much push pressing. Dre’ll tell ya that the BNP is a dayum fine movement as well, and while the OHP hits the front hard, BNP’ll get the back side a bit harder. You may want to try an exercise that I’ve done in the past and took a liking to: Standing Alternate DB Press. Hold the DBs semi-supinated at shoulder height and press each up in an alternating fashion. I like to do some lateral raises as well–heavy, of course (6-12). For back and lats, definitely go with chins, and if you’re stalled at 3–don’t be ashamed first off–I think you should strap on some weight and at least do 1 or 2 sets with exaggerated negatives. I am doing 5x5 with supinated chins and strapped on a nickel last week. May be a tiny amount, but ya gotta start somewhere. I’m also doing 2 sets of pullups (pronated) every workout with just bodyweight, to improve strength. I don’t go to failure…one rep short. This week I’m going for 2x3 and next week I’ll try for 2x4. Also, try semi-supinated chins…they’re the shiznit and will absolutely annhilate your lower lats. You might find you can get more reps with these than shoulder-width. Go get 'em, Patty!