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Widsom Teeth Pulled, When Can I Lift?

How long do you have to wait after getting your wisdom teeth pulled before lifting again?

Give it plenty of time

I competed in a PL meet 4 days after getting all of mine pulled… it hurt

take the week off because chances are you can’t eat right anyways.

Thats what I did and when I came back that week off was actually a good call anyways.

WTF do u think shakes and perks are for… get your ass in the gym

[quote]ucallthatbass wrote:
WTF do u think shakes and perks are for… get your ass in the gym[/quote]

yeah, b/c it’s a good idea to lift while taking pain meds (pushing yourself that is)

I was in so much pain I was loaded most of the time lol! My head was throbbing the whole time, I couldn’t imagine getting my blood pressure to preworkout levels.

wow read sarcasm much?

maybe I should have put in the lil at the end there

lighten up a little

My fucking dentist cracked the root off my wisdom tooth and had to dig for it. Took 45 mins and about a pint of blood to get the root out. It hurt, but whatever no big deal, I still went to the gym the next day and kept it light and made sure not to clench my jaw.

If your teeth are impacted then fuck that shit take a few days off. And this post is a sad attempt to raise my post count

Id say wait about a week, althought I lifted 2 days later, people are gonna hate me for saying this but I removed all 4 at once and I felt almost no pain after. I guess im lucky… I will say this… contact sports are pretty much out of the question for at least 3 months according to the doc that pulled mine out. He said, any impact could result in a broken jaw since the area remains weak for quite some time.

All depends on your particular case.

I had 4 impacted removed all at once- I wasn’t able to eat solid food for a week. Three days of that were spent in mind numbing pain that vicodin didn’t even touch. I made it back to the gym after that and spent 3 weeks or so getting my strength back.

Another friend of mine was eating solid food that night. Most people have it more mild than serious.

I’m a bit of an exception, my dental surgeon said that mine was in the top 3 worst case surgeries that he’d ever done.


when mine were done,I had 2 extra that were up in my jaw btw,
I was back at work the next day, granted I was working in a clean room doing semiconductor stuff.

but I didnt get back in the gym seriously untill about a week later.
I just didnt have the energy to get a proper work out in, I tried a few times but it wasnt worth it.

just sleep worry about healing up the big holes in your face.
if you want to do cardio or some light stuff cool more power to ya but you might not be 100% for a few days

[quote]ucallthatbass wrote:
wow read sarcasm much?

maybe I should have put in the lil at the end there

lighten up a little[/quote]

my bad

the week following my wisdom teeth itried to play some baseball with my older brother in the yard. apparently pain med slow your reactions a little bit as i didn’t see the ball quick enough and received a fastball to the jaw from 30 feet away.

I’ve had my top ones taken out, and I have a hole in my bottom one which I’m going to see the dentist about next week. Sooooooo not looking forward to it. I’m pretty sure they will want to remove it.

I just got mine pulled a couple on the 24th and I’ve already lifted a few times. As long as when the blood starts flowing to your head your mouth doesn’t start bleeding all over again you’re fine. For me, it took 6 days.

Depends on your own situation. Mine were pulled out just like regular teeth and I only had 3. None of them were imapcted.

The doctor gave me some tylenols but I didn’t use them cause nothing hurt. I lifted the night of getting mine taken out. The only thing out of ordinary was a bit of bleeding in my mouth.

If there’s any drilling or cutting, chances are you’re gonna be taking a bit of a time out from the weights.