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Widowmaker Question

Probably il a stupid question, but the widowmaker set after the main 5/3/1 work can be done as a rest pause set on the upper body movement?

you could say that, because:
On some templates you do rest pause on upper body lifts and widowmaker on lower.
But the answer to the question: if you do rest pause it’s not a widowmaker set.
I think the reason is, that on lower body you kan rest for a couple of breaths and perform another rep. That is more difficult on upperbody.
Rest pause is NOT recommended for lower body movements because it’s to demanding.

If you’re wanting to do your widowmaker set as rest pause, you’re probably not at the right intensity. Dial up your weight until you can hit 8-10 easily, then continue to work until you hit 16-20.

If you need to make up ways to make it harder, it’s not a widowmaker set.