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Widowmaker Circuit


I’m finishing up Pervertor on Monday and have spent too long deciding where to go next. I’ve been toying with a higher frequency program short term as a change of pace, but also looking at: Building the Monolith, Coffinworm, and Wendler Classic.

Something just wasn’t clicking with any program I was considering, and I went back to the Forever book and was leafing through and found just what I was looking for: Widowmaker Circuit. It has PR’s, widowmakers (duh), and a cool bodyweight circuit as assistance. Everything that are may favorites. Also, with prescribed assistance, I won’t have a chance to sabotage it by trying to throw in too much volume.

Anyone else try this?


I haven’t, but looking forward to your review :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually going to give Pervertor a run myself after this Anchor cycle.


I have a couple of questions on the logistics, after running it for one week.

Summary: The protocol is for a PR set, a widowmaker, and then a pretty challenging circuit (weighted pull ups, weighted dips, and KB cleans; with some options for variety).

Question 1: a PR set followed by a Widowmaker is brutal, especially for squats and DL’s. Is it okay to do the PR set, then the circuit, and finish the workout with the widowmaker?

531 with PR
5 rounds of circuit training

Instead of:
531 with PR
5 rounds of circuit training

Question 2: Should you always do the Widowmaker at the FSL weight for a given week? Or hold it at a certain % throughout an entire cycle? I ask because even using an 85% TM, I can’t quite get to 20 reps using FSL weight on the lightest “5’s” week. I can reach between 14-16 depending on the lift. So, when I move to the 3’s and then the 1’s, those numbers will go down even more. Should I stick with the same weight for the Widowmaker until I can at least hit 20 with it, or keep waving it up as I move through the 5, 3, 1 weeks? (hope that’s clear).