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Widowmaker Challenge Thread


OK. Shut up and listen for a minute.

Read it ALL before you reply.

This challenge is about YOU.

This challenge isn't about YOU vs. SOMEONE ELSE. That's what officiated PL, Oly, BB, Strongman competitions are for.

This challenge is about your mental ability to push through pain.

You will only be judged by others on your perceived exertion. You will understand in a minute.


WIDOWMAKER- We all know 'the widowmaker' lifts -- 20 reps of 1 (or all) of 3 lifts (not necessarily on the same day or same training session):


This is something most people should be able to easily fit into their routine. There's nothing "outrageous" about the challenge. Lot's of people 'rep out' at some point. If you're feeling it, then do it. If not, then don't. Don't go ruining your routine for a silly challenge, obviously. Bench day? Do the bench challenge. Squat day? Do the squat challenge. Or not.

What this challenge does is take out the 'specialization' (mostly). It's just one of the 3 big lifts to 20 excrutiating reps.

Enjoy your pump. Shock your regular routine.

Reward yourself with a cheeseburger.


  • You will perform 20 reps of one or all of the 3 lifts above (or variants).
  • You will choose a weight, just do 20 reps
  • You may use a belt, wrist wraps, and/or knee sleeves wraps for your safety/support. "PL Gear" is OK, I guess, but, feh-- save that for PL meets.
  • You must video your lift and post IN THIS THREAD
  • If you claim a certain bodyweight (for grudge matches and duels) you should video or take a picture of you on scale with a recent date (not required but curteous).
  • No video no lift.


What this ISN'T is Crossfit, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, etc. It's a 20 rep challenge. There are no trophies or rewards except the kudos from your peers, maybe some one-upsmanship.


Deadlift variants: Conventional, Sumo, Trap Bar (Only DL rule: Do not bounce bar)
Squat Variants: Conventional, Front Squat (Squat Rule: To parallel), Leg Press (Go HEAVY)
Bench: Standard, Wide, CG, DB (Bench Rule: Touch chest or really close)

re: Bench rule -- Look, don't hurt yourself. Use whatever form is safe for you and don't be a dumbass.

Don't do all three at once- that's silly. Or, maybe do all three at once if that's your gig.

Starting Suggestions:

Squat: 1x - 1.5x bodyweight
Deadlift: 1x - 1.5x bodyweight
Bench: .75x - 1.25 bodyweight

I'm just making these numbers up. Do as much weight as you can, 20 times.

Make it exciting. Vomit is cool.



Show T-Nation what you got. Earn respect amongst your peers for perserverence and surviving widowmakers. Widowmakers suck, but they're cool.

I laid the rules out. Don't nickel and dime them to death. Just do the damn 20 reps with as much weight as you can. Then try to do more next time.

If you don't like the challenge, start your own damn thread.

Challenge a 'friend' for the lolz.

Do it. Or don't. I don't care.

Now, shut up and lift.

- This thread born out of this: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/music_movies_girls_life/the_tnation_challenges
- Changed bench 'suggestions'. I'm just making shit up.
- Added Leg Press. Saw a 20 repper vid, was inspiring.



One two buckle my shoe three four out the door


287.5 x 20 reps on the bench?

I have some work to do


I'm in for the bench and squat for sure.


Do it, man.

Gonna grow a special "20 Rep 'Stache"?


hahaha I dont think so. I'll just try and work a set in during my workouts next week. I think i could be close to 20 reps on a BW bench but i dont know about 1.5x BW squat.... I think I could be in the teens though. We'll see.


Is it bad that BW bench would be cake, and 1.5xBW squat would make me literally puke?


Can only be accomplished with EFS hoodie on.


Maybe at the end of my DC Blast will do a 3 plate per side 50 rep death squat... fuck 20 reps. Who is with me ?


That sounds utterly miserable. Have you done 225x50 yet?


This is an awesome challenge. Nobody die for real, please.


Great idea!


I'll take it, but I want to reach some milestones first.


GREAT idea.

I might give this a go this week. Sounds fun. I made a 20-rep squat video a few years ago (I'm just afraid it might be that I was stronger back then). My camera is kaput though, maybe I'll try the cell phone or borrow the wife's.


I asked my wife, and she's not ready to be a widow.

Maybe next month.


I could rename the thread to "Make Your Wife Orgasm Even More Than Usual Challenge"


Watching me do a 20 rep set is how my wife Orgasms more than usual but I have a special woman!


but I'm already signed up for the Mazourak challenge...!



360x17 is my best, 225x50 would come without much fight I think.


No way that guy graduated high school.

Plain fucking dumb.