Widescreen TV

OK, I am not TV tech savy. So I have a wide screen tv(16:9 ratio). It has the options for widescreen, superwide, or 16:9(default). Do i leave it at 16:9 when watching DVDs(anamorphic fro example), since many now are formatted for 16:9, or do I switch to widescreen?

I kind of thought 16:9 was wide screen. Appreciate any advice!!

I think “widescreen” option on your tv is for dvds (or tv shows) that are formated in 4:3. If you watched a 4:3 formated dvd on a widescreen tv, it would have those black sidebars on the side to fill up your screen. Using the “widescreen” option would stretch the picture to fill up the screen on the tv.

Watching a 16:9 formated DVD on your widescreen tv would be the prefered viewing option since this is how the DVD was intended to be viewed. No distortion or stretching of the picture should be noticed.