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Wider Neck


Could someone list ALL the ways to get a thicker/wider neck?


There are articles on building up your neck here. So no. Look for it yourself.


can't do all but here are some for a strong muscular neck:
neck plank
neck extension with a head strap
anderson neck roll.

wouldn't recommend doing any of these excercises without good instruction.


bit harsh?


I deserve it, I'm a newbie. :wink: bwaha.

And thanks for the tips alit4.




buy an old nautilus neck machine


I don't do anything for my neck, and it has gotten a lot bigger since I started lifting. Why is that? I know how to flex it too now.


cause your neck responds to test and GH like any other muscle


HEavy shrugs, deadlifts/rack deads, neck harness, and the nautilus 4 way neck (the best invention of theirs imo besides the pullover m/c)
neck bridges are controversial but work great.


Just get bigger.



This is the same guy who states he has issues with his thyroid and cortisol. Someone like that should be trying to grow all over, not in specific body parts.


I disagree.

He needs to grow some balls before worrying about growing anything else, so your statement is just plain incorrect.

(Just read through the whole Maddox page and since Germans are easily influenced by non-German nutjobs, I have now decided to be an asshole like him for the rest of my life.
Should I offend anyone with my posts, then realize that it's all Maddox' fault and send him some more hate-mail he can make fun of.)