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Wider back

I’ve been bodybuilding for about 7 months now, and im happy with my program. However I am looking for some new back exercises to really broaden out my back and shoulders. I’ve heard chin ups are really good, can anyone suggest any other good exercises.

Pullups, Deadlift, any kind of rows, pulldowns, shrugs, and overhead presses

My back blew up after I started doing heavy deadlifts. If you want, you can do them Dorian-style (mid-shin up only). Also, chins and bentover rows are your best best. I wouldn’t leave out power cleans, either. I know that it’s best to do them on leg day, but you still get a great back, delt, and trap workout with them. High pulls and upright rows are good, too.

Deadlift from knees 2 x warm 1 x 8,
Pullover 2 x warm 2 x 10,
Bent over BB rows 1 x warm 2 x 8,
Chins 2 x max (vary grip),
Shrug 1 x warm 1 x 12

Well, the first amendment in the book of back training is:

Deadlift, or you’re out of here!

Nothing builds the thickness of your back as deadlifts do. It’s the ultimate power exercise. If you don’t do any other exercise, do deadlifts.

There are two other excercises that will help you build your back. Chins with a weight belt, and standiing barbell rows.

Do this routine once a week.

Chins (Shoulder width, thumbless grip)
4-8 reps*2sets

Barbell rows, standing

This will give great results. Guaranteed.

And remember:
If you don’t powerlift…

This will take a few years to achieve, but if you be persistent and keep doing chin ups, bent over barbell rows and seated rows and at the same time lift heavy you will get it in time. Keep doing basic comound movements, and dont get too fancy.

Chins and pull ups are the best I’ve yet tried. There are 3 variants that I know of. Palms facing away from you, palms facing you (normal pull up) and palms facing you (Sternum pullup). I think there is an article on the Sternum pull up in the previous weeks T-mag.

Try hang cleans, lateral dumbbell raises, and seated rows with wide grip, elbows high. Good Luck.

Yeah, pullups, rowing w/barbell & dumbbells. Try rope climbing. How about the strong as hell tubing from IronMind? That’s a great back workout!

All the above suggestions are great… Especially the deadlift… Except I’ve found that exercise to “thicken” my back. To “widen” my back I think all W-I-D-E grip pullups are great. Rememeber Vince Gironda’s advice on introducing new excercises. If you want to know where an exercise “hits” only do the new exercise. And do 20 sets of 20 reps on it. Just for ONE workout.