Wider Appearance?

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umm… nice pictures and all but they don’t really go against what the guy was saying since he did say “unless u plan to load up on juice an stuff like anadrol”. I seriuosly doubt they are all natural.[/quote]

No they are not natural bodybuilders. When I think of backs I think of those two. Do I have to go find tested natural bodybuilders for it to still be proven that a big back will make someone look wide from the front? If yes I’ll gladly go find some but I really don’t think that’s the point. That guy is saying you can’t get wider unless you are on steroids, unless I’m reading it totally wrong, I sure look wider from my back and shoulders growing but the closest I’ve been to steroids at this point is reading about them online.

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what is the superhero workout? i tried to search for it but couldnt find it[/quote]

Hey bmitch, CT mentions his Superhero workout in the article below.

20 Pounds of “Hollywood” Muscle!

Read more articles.

1 Click search (and hold down control)
2 pull down the menu that has the choice of articles to search, not site or posts.
3 type in shoulder training
4 click search
5 click on a link
6 read the article that comes up

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Yeah, no lats on this guy.[/quote]

Is that Kyoshi?


My guess would be Skip Lacour.

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width in the delts an lats is pretty much genetic.unless u plan to load up on juice an stuff like anadrol,theres very less u can do abt it.
at the most u can build a nice taper by burning away that fat,and work hard at weighted chins an pullups.dbell laterals,militaries.
in most cases u can create an illusion of width by wearing appropriate clothing[/quote]

This is one of the most incorrect things I have ever read. Hell, why even try to get bigger, it’s all genetic…Ha, keep making excuses and buying “the appropriate clothing.” Whatever that means.

I think he meant that the width of the delts compared to the lats is genetic.

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Der Candy wrote:
inthego wrote:
If your back get wider than your shoulders you just look like a block of cheese…

Tell that to Dorian Yates.

Yeah seriously. Go ahead and TRY to make your back wider then your shoulders. [/quote]

Uhh Jay Cutler…
The juice bar is now open…

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My guess would be Skip Lacour.[/quote]

Nope, thats Kiyoshi. I decided to put up a picture of someone who very little people speculate to be lying about their natural status, and Kiyoshi is pretty well respected around here, even amongst the keyboard warriors and the 16 year old “OMGAZZZ HEZ ON STEROIDZ, THATS WHY HES TEH HUGORZZ” crowd.

Anyone else notice we have a lot more of those people around here lately?

Damn now I need to go find a good picture of Skip. And yes I think BB.com dumped their teen section on us.

Alright Skip Lacour, NATURAL bodybuilder showing well developed lats make him appear wider.

[quote]scottiscool wrote:
Alright Skip Lacour, NATURAL bodybuilder showing well developed lats make him appear wider.[/quote]

That man has now just become my idol. To be able to look like that completely natural is something very few men can say they’ve achieved. Mad props to him.

Skip is a fucking animal.

He has some killer legs I like the way their shaped.

[quote]scottiscool wrote:
Alright Skip Lacour, NATURAL bodybuilder showing well developed lats make him appear wider.[/quote]

Why do you capitalize natural, lots of bodybuilders who compete natural are also on steroids. I’m not saying he is but there is a chance.

I capitalized natural because my examples of non tested bodybuilders was deemed as not a good answer to the question. Although the question was does a wide back make you look wider from the front in the first place and I think those pictures did just fine ha. Yes there is a chance, but Skip is at least as far as I know the most well known natural bodybuilder out there and has competed(and therefore tested) many many many times.

If that picture isn’t good enough for the purposes of the thread I don’t know what to say… they are just there to answer the OP’s original question.