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Widen Shoulders


Ok I kind of have messed up genetics. My body was clearly not made for bodybuilding, but I'm making the most out of it anyway. Over the past couple of years I have built great thickness in all areas of my deltoids. But I kind of have this ski slop body structure with my shoulders slanting down. I was wondering if anyone had any paritcular program for STRICTLY widening the shoulders. I heard that Lee Priest used to intentionally undertrain his traps to help widen the shoulders. what are your thoughts on that?


I'd hate to see you undertrain your traps!

Stick with a good variety of major pulling and pushing movements, and things will happe? maybe not overnight, but it'll happen. Dips, overhead presses of all kinds, Chins, Rows, and Pullups. Work heavy with between 4-6 sets of between 5-8 reps per set generally.


They're are a variety to articles in the archives on this, subject you should check out CT's shoulder overhaul article.

Also Staley's advice (as usual) is dead on.


Maybe its just a perception problem you've developed.

Have other's commented on this issue? If not, it probably ain't anything major to worry about.

You could also post a pic for the other ppl around here to evaluate your bone/shoulder structure.