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Wide Stance Squats for football players

Coach D, what is your opinion about football players using a wide stance for the squat? Should they use a stance similiar to their position or used wide stance squats for total leg power which would carryover better for the sport?


When you ask about using a wide stance or a stance “similiar to their position”, what do you mean by “similar to their position”? It’s important to remember that the position that a football player gets in before the ball is snapped represents only one of MANY different positions that the player will be in during the course of a game. Think about this: If you tied a players shoes together before the ball was snapped, how well would he play? Not too well! My point is that most “athletic” positions are achieved with a wider stance than most people think. Although the stances are narrower before the snap, once the shit hits the fan it’s all about a wide base - blocking, tackling, etc.

So to answer your question, most of the time I favor a wider stance when box squatting with my football guys. We don’t go as wide as powerlifters, though. Remember that powerlifting is all about finding the easiest way to lift maximal weights. That rationale isn’t always the best way to train other athletes.