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Wide stance squat hypertrophy

Would doing wide-stance squats using a hypertrophy set/rep scheme be a good way to “bulk up” the hip/butt region?

And how would box squats on a hypertrophy set/rep scheme work for the above mentioned purpose? Would this be better for than normal wide-stance squats for the given purpose?


I used to do a lot of wide squating. I wouldn’t want the form it gives the areas it will make big. Stick with DLs. Focus on posterior chain for a while with maybe one variation of full squat once a week if you keep squats at all. Also, IMO, high rep wide squats suck.

This hip is a bone; it won’t hypertrophy like the gluteus minimus, medius, and maximus.

Yes, all of the exercises you listed would be acceptable choices (as would lunges). Check out Romaniello’s “Booty Call” for a damn good program.