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Wide Stance SQ and Sumo DL?


Has anybody ever used these in their training only with the intention of building their narrow stance SQ and conventional DL? Narrow is where I feel strongest and how I would lift in a contest but they both have been stagnant for a while and I'm looking for a way to get them moving again. Thoughts?


Change it up. Sumo, wide, front squats, box squats, squats with accommodating resistance, specialty bars.


ive read that sumo has no carryover to conventional;however, conventional has carryover for sumo. i cant elaborate so take it with a grain of salt.

everything else above poster said sounds good


Where ever you read that, don't ever go there again.


I have recently changed my dl to sumo style after a few lower back injuries and I am slowly getting back to my old conventional stance dl weight. I feel no pain in my lower back when I do these and hope that I will be able to lift more than I used to conventional. To be honest it makes me cringe when I see even experienced lifters doing conventional style now!