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Wide Stance/Low Bar Squat

can someone give me an idea of how low the bar should be on my back for this lift? just a picture would help too

Google is your friend!


well that pic and just go by feel its a BIT different for evryone and dependent on back musculature etc. I found the easieat way I learned what was right for me. load a light load say just one plate take a high bar hold and the roll the bar down the back. It should fall into place on the shelf of your lats. If no then you need to work on your lats.

Also, think about bending the bar around your back while you’re squatting. It helps keep your upper back tight.

thanks a lot!

ok so i just got back from the gym and doing this. i did a 5432111 setup to my max 255. actually i could’ve lifted quite a bit more, but my wrists got very painful from trying to “bend the bar around my back,” and wasn’t sure if i would drop the bar since this is the first time i did this type of squat.

any advice on how i should grip the bar to avoid this? i tried both with my thumbs around(gripping) and not around (on the same side as my fingers), but both are tough. maybe i just have to build up tolerance to it, eh?

Try widening your grip width. That should help aleviate your wrist pain.

Hit up my second workout with this lift today…

maxed at 265 (again, coulda done more, but I never want to move up to fast when it concerns my lower back) I wore gloves this time, and it did help me grip. also, my wrists don’t hurt as much. guess I just had to get used to it.

this is my new favorite lift! It makes me want to keep up my bulking cycle and put off the Velocity diet I have planned for next week just so I can keep doing this workout!

for the wide stance, low bar placement I like thumbless grip, my palms are holding the bar against my back, I could have no fingers on the bar and keep it in place.