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Wide Shoes for Multi Direction

I have wide feet and it seems more and more less cross training shoes fit well. I am 13 too, and most of the time stores do not have a great variety at that size. I am fine finding running shoes for my casual wear, the higher end running shops do a good job of evaluating you with shoes that match etc. I do not run, back/hips/legs cannot take the pounding anymore. But I do want to get back into some short sprints and agility drills, which I can tolerate still. I have to stick to things like Versa Climber, ropes, rower, sledge, sleds, etc. But I want to get back into some athletic conditioning so looking for advice from anyone who has big wide feet and knows and shoe brands or models that work for them.

Just FYI Rogue Do Win OL shoes are money for those with wide feet in case anyone is in same boat as me.


Asics and Newbalance make widths,

The minimus series from New balance comes in a 2E width which is wide, but not extra wide. I wear the 142E MT10 for training or the MX20v4- the shoe is money.

If you’re after something more stable and stiff, then i cant offer anything specific, perhaps a tennis shoe from either of these brands! New balance for sure makes 2E width performance trainers. if your foot is wider than that maybe try a basketball shoe?