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Wide/Narrow Rows


Which is better, wide grip or narrow grip seated rows?

Which is better wide grip or narrow grip lats machine work?


Do both narrow grip and wide grip.


Do both,I agree.Add a 90 degree high row (elbows elevated) and you are doing better....


That's like asking which is better, squats or deads?

Mix it up brother; variety is the spice of life and will get you stronger in the process.

Stay strong


variety is key. neither is abstractly 'better'.


Thankyou for your response.

When I worked out using a program I would pick one (usually wide palms forward grip) and do that to the end of the program. I messed up my shoulder and am back on another program and I thought I had read that very wide grip pullups was hard on shoulders. I wondered about wide grip seated rows as well.

What I get from your response is: do both. I now plan on using whatever is on the machine for warm up and then one working set with narrow grip and one working set with wide grip. For the present I am going to use the "palms facing each other" grip.


I am not sure about seated rows or pullups, but I have read in several places that studies have been done showing that wide-grip lat pulldowns activate the most muscle fibers.

However, this does not mean they don't miss out on things that narrow grips would hit.

As everyone else said, mix it up. I personally would say get most pulldowns/pullups done with a wide grip(say 60-70%) and the rest with a variety of narrower grips.


Do wide grip and narrow grip hit different muscles?


My understanding is that the narrower the row, the more pressure is put on the bis, and the less is put on the lats, when it comes to pullups/pulldowns.