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Wide Hips


Hi im new to the forum and I wanna begin body training, but I have something holding me back thats pretty embarresing.

I have wide hips, I think its genetic because my brothers have them too, but I have female curves. Its weird and I hide them by wearing sweatshirts and wearing my bathing suit kinda high at the pool.

Its not fat because im a skinny guy, the actually bone goes out like a female.

Has anybody every heard of this? What can be done?


Well, you can't change your bone structure, so you will have to really focus on building your shoulders and back to lessen the appearance of your hips. Upper body movements will be your focus with lower body movements done only to balance out the rest of you.


I believe Larry Scott was of this body type...don't worry, you can still be great


More muscle will make this less noticeable.

Eat and hit the weights. You have come to the right place.


well i dont have a membership to this gym right now, but what can I do at home that will help develop my upper body?

Would chin ups or pull ups work?


chins are good, pressups are good, handstand pressups are great my opinion and what I get a benefit from. Some people don't do well on overall upper body mass from hspus but I do...try everything.


Chin ups and pull ups are probably the best exercise to get the "V" shape when being looked at from behind.


im glad there is something I can do, its really embarresing, I never wear t-shits because im too scared someone will notice my hips


I have wide hips (and even wider shoulders thank God). I once dieted down and looked like a coke bottle.

You need a MASSIVE body core. You are lucky, I can tell you the secret:

Squats, Deadlifts, overhead stuff, and solid nutrition.

You have room to develop an impressive
body core which will help you to grow in other areas as well.

Think of it as an opportunity, because it is. This could work to your advantage.


what do you mean by body core?

sorry I don't know the terminology, I am new at this...


abs, lower back, pretty much everything that stabilises your body if you lift overhead or squat.

This does not mean that you should work those muscles separately, use compound lifts that force you to stabilise the body.

if those muscles are strong and you have a strong back you will not only have a pretty balanced body but your problem will also have disappeard.


I agree. I have the same problem-wide hips. I'm trying to build my shoulders, back, and my obliques. I think that will definately reduce my problems.


Yes. Don't forget push ups, work out a way to do dips, try handstand push ups. Change up your hand position and do them all alot.

Figure out a way to add weight if you can. Fill a backpack with something heavy and wear it while chinning etc.

There are some good bodyweight only threads on this site that get into many different kinds of push ups as well as leg exercises.


Not being funny dude but are you sure this is not just your hip bones sticking out because your really skinny? What sort of weight are you atm?


If you can do pull ups, do a large variety of them:


Also, you can add weight by using a belt or rope and tying on milk jugs filled with water or sand or something. Wide grip pullups are considered best for width, but you'll do best to just put as much meat on as possible.

What was said about building up your core was spot on.



Remember, your bone structure is merely a place to stick muscle.


Then get one. Unless getting a gym membership is completely out of the question (ie: no gym within an hour's distance, you're living out of a box, etc.), not getting a gym membership only proves that you are not dedicated enough to ever put on muscle anyways.


Yeah, I have the same body shape. My shoulders are narrow too.
Calm down.It'll be ok.
No one cares but you and any girl you may ask out. Women like guys with wide hips.More child bearing potential.


You have that last part backwards..... It is women who are thought to have more child bearing potential due to wider hips.


You mean it's the females that have the babies? Hmmm..


Yeah, talk about a surprise! I came back from the gym and my wife said that she had a babie while I was out.