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Wide Hips or Quad Muscles


I’m 23% bf so I know I got a lot of fat on my legs. I just want to know if those arrows are pointing at my hips or not. I hope not because wide hips is an aesthetic killer. Thanks in advance.


You heed to get a book on anatomy.

Or google it.

Quads? Really?


I have. I’m confused because people with wide hips usually have a bone much
higher around their waist


How does it matter to you?


I want to know if I have wide hips or not


You have wide hips b cause you are fat.

Not even close to your quads.


If you do, how will it change your life?


Not quads. Drop body fat and reevaluate. It’s hard to tell if it’s bone structure or just where you’re carrying your excess weight. Probably the latter though. I’ve seen similar physiques on guys who carry fat in the hips, legs and ass instead of their stomach. On the plus side it’s less dangerous to have fat in your hips than around your organs.


If I’m 6 feet 200 and 21-23% bf. Should I be cutting at 2.5k calories a
day. I’m 19. I can do cardio if I have to


You recommend I stay on starting strength with 2.5k cals a day ?


You are asking a different question. Start a new thread with relevant info.

And listen to the advice.


I fucking despair