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Wide Grip Pull-Ups Better for Lats?


everyone says hpw wide grip pull-ups hit your lats, but is it really a differnce from regular pull-ups, I mean when i do them my lats kill so it must be working to some extent. It also kinda feels wierd preforming wide grip pull-ups.


This is done to death, I say do both. There’s a recent article on this but I can’t be bothered to fetch it. If you feel then, then do it. Just make sure what you feel working is your lats and not just your teres major.


The lats stretch more when you bring your hands closer together. I would think a closer grip would be more ideal for hitting the lats. Wide grips seem to hit the rear delts and midback more.


According to this, chins are better than pull-ups for lats. I think its what PF 88’s talking about



Do both… variety is key


Wide grip puts more emphasis on the teres minor, which is a relatively small muscle that run diagonal/horizontal, but it is easy to feel and that is why “everyone” says they are better for your lats.

I use multiple variations of chin/pull ups, can’t go wrong some variety when it comes to a solid exercise.