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Wide Grip Clean?


Anybody ever seen this before? She starts off the clean with a wider than normal grip and slides her hands in for the catch. I thought it was really interesting. Kinda makes me wanna try it and see if it helps me pull the bar higher lol.


she's got long femurs. see how she has a slightly wider starting stance and needs to shove her knees out hard to get the bar to clear them?

know where her hands are in the start position? just outside her knees. same as everyone else...

i'm not sure the analysis of her pulling the bar higher in virtue of a wider grip is correct.


To be honest i think that style is a highly individual one and mightened be great for everyone.


I agree with the first two posts...i also think you will lose some ability to pull yourself under the bar by letting it go. Also, one slip of a hand and she is pretty much screwed on finishing the lift. With that said I moved my hands out on the bar about 2 inches and it helped me to pull the bar higher and helped finish my jerks by not having to move the bar as far. The only difference is that I do not slide my hands back in after the pull... If it's not going to screw up your training I say give it a try and let us know how it goes...


My pull is stronger with narrower then Snatch width...about 2inches outside of my shoulder width on either side works best for me. I can't imagine pulling 165 with such a wide grip, it would make my pull a lot worse.

Works for her!



i don't understand how altering grip width would affect hip drive
but i do understand how your arms need to be wider than your knees


It only affects the placement of the bar when it makes contact with you. A closer grip is much harder and less efficient for Sn and to a lesser degree the Clean.

You don't have to rack the bar overhead on the Clean so it doesn't matter so much. It's much harder to Sn with a grip that is say 3-5inches closer on each side then you would normally have it. You have to get the bar much higher and the bar makes contact much lower down.



This is a good observation and I think it's correct. She goes that wide to accommodate her knees.

I also need to use a somewhat wider grip so I can properly rack the bar on the clean, but not quite as wide as the lifter in the video.