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Wide Grip Bench Press


Hey Coach,

I am starting the second phase of the power look programme. One of the assistance exercises for bench press is the wide grip bench press. I wanted to ask how wide my grip should be and what makes a normal grip bench and a wide grip bench. Thank you in advance.


FWIW, I put my ring finger where my pinkie usually is (I have a history of shoulder issues though). I also have a long pause at the bottom to limit the weight I am moving as I feel a bit vulnerable to this movement.


About an inch wider than your regular grip


Thank you coach. And also, I know the second assistance exercise is to get used to handling heavier weights but because of fatigue, I can't lift more than or equal to what I lift in the first movement. Should I keep going like that? And the basic movements are already periodised but how often should I go to failure when doing the assistance lifts or how much should I push myself when doing them? Thank you for your time.