Wicked Pump from doing the humpty hump

Just curious as to how many of my fellow juice bags experiance this? The other night after a VERY wicked double header, I had HUUGE pump in just about all over:-) I even got up to take a piss a few hrs later an I was still pretty full.

i dont really get a pump but i do feel like having a stroke. i was banging this 18 the other night and she was like “oh my god your heart is beating so fast!”

Is this a bad thing?

Just curious,

its only bad if she is twice your size.

No shit P-dog! I swear to god this girl I was with on friday said the same thing. Not sure it’s a good thing. And no Mayo I’m not talking about the tang, that’s real good.

heres a classic example bro:

im with this young hottie today, she weighs about 115lbs. we are chillin on the couch, and fooling around. i wanted to take her to the room so i picked her up and carried her in my arms. we got to the bed and both crashed on it. i swear to god i had to lay there for 5 fucking minutes to recover my breath before we could do anyhting else! i seriously thought i was going to have a fucking stroke! she laid there and laughed at me, and called me an old man. lmfao!

I think we’ve all experienced this. Try carrying your girl up the stairs TOO! Felt like I just finished an hour’s worth of high-intense cardio!

BTW P-dog, I hope these “hotties” aren’t “students” ROFL

i wish!

this is where you need strongman training-the essence of odd object lifting and carrying. if you do not have any implements you could ask for female volunteers at the gym-weaving in and out of the equipment, eventually progressing up to multiple girls…

Happens to me too bro. Actually I get a major pump all over and as hot and sweaty as two rats fuckin’ in a wool sock.
Love it when the sweat from my face drips down on her ass crack when hittin’ it d-style. Makes me a madman and want to ravage that body even more.

What a bunch of whiners. One of my nads weighs close to 115lbs (Chicks call it “The Wrecking Ball”) and you don’t hear me crying about stairs.

Of course I don’t have to carry my chicks either, because it’s usually them draggin’ me to bed and when there’s two or three of them and they want it bad enough they’ll find a way.