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Wicked Protein in Canned Tuna


Just wanted to point that out... I took the time to read the side of a small canned tuna container and here's what I saw:

Per 120g (drained) serving:
Calories = 240

Fat = 2g (no satured/trans fats)
Protein = 56g
Cholesterol = 80 mg
Sodium = 560 g
Carbs = 0g
Fibers = 0g

Vitamins/Minerals (per % of of recommended daily value):
A - 8%
C - 0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 8%

Now I was just thinking... hey that's a truly amazing source of protein and it has virtually no fat at all. I know it has too much salt and i'm not sure about the cholesterol.. but the protein/fat ratio is wicked. I'm no expert in nutrition but to me that looks like a pretty decent quick afternoon snack. What do you think?


Tuna's great. And, when rotated with other protein sources, makes for a great part of a solid nutrition program.

I have blended Tuna and V8 for a whole foods protein drink in the past.


Sure it is...but read about Mercury in Tuna before stashing up on alot the cans.


I wouldn't be so worried about the mercury content in tuna as many make it seem that it's gonna kill you. As long as you keep your tuna intake in moderation you shouldn't have any problems. Just don't consume 5 plus cans of tuna a day.


Still, it doesn't hurt to buy Chunk Lite, it has the least mercury. There was an article (may even be up on the main page) about mercury in tuna very recently, check it out.

And yeah, tuna's great. I eat mine in a big bowl of chopped celery with some lemon juice sprinkled on top. Not bad for health food.


I prefer the Chunk light in water, the chunk white is like 3-4 times more expensive. When they're on sale you can get 3 6ounce cans for $1.
After I eat tuna I make sure I brush or rinse my mouth to get rid of the smell


What kind of tuna was the label off of?
I get the 6 ounce chunk light tuna and I get 13 grams of protein per serving. One can has 2 1/2 servings and that equals 32-33 grams per can drained.
Did you use the chunk white tuna??