Wicked PIP or Dirty Gear?

So here’s the deal. I bought 3 vials of Test E 500 from a reputable source. This guy has been near the top of Eroids list for a long time. Gave one vial to my friend. He pinned and immediately complained of PIP, which is to be expected with that high of a concentration(500mg per ml.). Two days later the pain got much worse and complained of heat and swelling where he pinned. Then the flu symptoms started. Feel achy all over, headache and low grade fever and sweating like a whore in church.

On day four he saw fit to go to the doctor because things were getting worse. Was treated with IV antibiotics aswell as pills. Three days after being treated he is starting to get better. So this is where I enter the scene. Being the martyr that I am I told him that I would try the gear for myself. I took the second vial(new- unopened) and pinned 1ml. Sure as shit, there was lots of PIP and the whole “flu” thing started happening to me. I chose not to go to the doc and now after four days since pin I’m feeling much better. Keep in mind that we both follow sterilization protocol everytime. So I pose the question; was this a reaction to the gear perhaps, or is Ihis a case of dirty gear i.e. bacterial introduction into the gear during manufacture?? What are the thoughts here. I don’t want to slander this shop and the owner unless I know the facts.

Is there a reason you continue to repost this