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Wicked Cravings

Lately, I don’t know why, but I’ve had the most wicked cravings for liverwurst. I was shopping recently picking up some steaks and other stuff and on my way to the eggs, I passed the packaged meat section (hot dogs, sausage, bologna, etc.) and stopped at the liverwurst (which I haven’t had in a long time).

I bought a few packs and just can’t seem to get enough of it. Ate a whole package for breakfast (with some mustard) and a protein shake.

No, I’m not pregant (but, the wife is!).

Ever get cravings for food that’s not normally part of your diet (or your favorite cheat meals)?

Doing the GSD now. Hasn’t been too bad, but I’ve stopped taking HRX for a few days and cravings are back big time.

I gave in and had a Metabolic Drive bar, and with this snow storm I moved my cheat day from Sunday, to Saturday, and maybe into Sunday some too :smiley:


Is that gonna be the third or fourth?

It is a natural adjustment you must endure, Steely. With time the cravings will cease. Welcome to the wicked, from now on, there will be no rest for you.

Congrats on your new child. May this be a comfortable pregnancy for your wife.

Blessed Be The SteelyD clan.

TBH, I’ve been fiendin’ for ribs. I think its because of Mad Duck’s avatar. Alsso, looking at women makes me hungry, like their asses remind me of food.

sometimes i’ll get mad cravings for birthday cake.

Damnit, HM, I clicked on this thread specifically because I saw you posted here and wanted to see how you turned this thread topic into a MMF joke.

How is your sodium intake? If it is low, this could be part of the problem. Hard to say without data, but this is the most common issue I come across in healthy eaters with cravings.

Now I don’t think that this is the only possible reason, but with the high fat and salt content and a pregnant wife likely with cravings, you have some very powerful physiological and psychological reinforcements for said cravings. Plus, liverwurst rules!

I only ever really get cravings when I go a little bit too long without eating. If I go to the grocery store hungry then it takes just about all of my willpower not to rationalize buying something off my diet.

I think my biggest cravings are for sushi though… I love it.

Peter-- Salt intake is fine. In fact, over the past year with a bona fide Iodine deficiency, I’ve cranked up the salt (I never used to salt anything). I know it’s not an iron thing. Hell, I eat 2+ lbs of steak a day. Must be something in liver.

I don’t know, but damn I love that nasty shit.

Now that I think of it, I’ve never had fois gras. That sounds pretty good right now…

it has to be fine liverwurst for me and it’s so darn good!

Love me some liverwurst!

Those Entenmann’s chocolate-covered donuts.

Also, chocolate pudding pie. It’s a texture thing.

The last couple of days of fairly low-carbiness have led me to some wistful longing glances towarsd pancakes and pizza.

Fucking claussen pickles, for some damn reason when I am craving something and looking through the kitchen for something that will satisfy my craving, it’s the pickles that get the job done. The crunch, the juicy salty garlicy brine. They are my ultimate craving crucsher.