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Wichita KS

Hey, I’m interested in possibly relocating to Wichita KS with my fiance. I have some family that lives there and we will be visiting soon. I’ve been there for a week or two in the past few years and liked what I saw, but it’s hard to get the feel of a place in that short amount of time.

We’re both involved in human resources management. So basically, does anyone live/has lived there that could give me their take on the place? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Well let’s see. Mmmm, oh the BTK killer was caught. So that’s been taken care of. What more do you need.

FFS man don’t fucking do it. I lived there for 2 1/2 years and it was 2 1/2 years too long. The only fucking thing to do is go to the movies or one of bajillion restaurants. You’ll be moving at least 3 hours away from anything good. If you have kids or plan on having them then you need to live on the East or West side Goddard/Maize school districts. The inner city districts are terrible.

For the love of God man don’t do it. There is a reason they pay more for jobs out there and it isn’t because people want to move there.

That bad? I just want to find a place with a decent sized population where I can have a nicehouse with a backyard aka peace and quiet, buttt be 15-20 min. away from a lot of fun shit. I’ve heard Wichita described in that kinda terminology and I’ve also heard it as you described it which is disconcerting to say the least. My fiance loves cities but I’m more comfortable just outside. Anyone else lived there?

The highlight of those 2 and 1/2 years was Lynard Skynard and ZZ Top doing a concert…oh and monster trucks.

The best thing there was the house my family built which was really nice but even that couldn’t keep us from moving back to KC when the opportunity arised. My dad worked for Koch Industries and was making sick bank but the job ended up being completely different than what was stated. Also, Koch has been having all these lawsuits due to the brothers fighting and bad environmental practices and my dad didn’t want to be tied up with that.

Now if you were to get a job with one of the aeronautics industries there that could be really interesting but still a shithole town. I think Wichita has turned into a pretty decent BJJ town from what I’ve heard…wasn’t when I was there =(.

If you and your wife have really good job offers you may want to take them but I’d plan on just saving as much money as possible for a couple years and move. Pretty much everyone who likes Wichita grew up in a smaller shithole towns or in Wichita.

Oh and flying in and out of Wichita is ridiculously expensive so if you ever want to go on vactaion plan on driving to KC. I always found that funny since that town is/used to be the biggest aviation producer in the world.

On the plus side the town does have a bajillion of restaurants. I don’t remember the fine dining scene but the Mexican and Asian population there put out some pretty damn good authentic food…more authentic with the Mexican the Asian is pretty typical Asian-American food but still good. Seafood is pretty scarce except for catfish. Food prices in general are really expensive there so expect to pay more for food depending on where you came from.

Oh and the YMCA on the west side of town was a pretty good place.

I’d suggest taking a look as KC and the surrounding areas if you want a decent town but ability to live in the burbs. On the KS side you have Overland Park, Shawnee, Leawood, Olathe, etc. MO side you have Lee’s Summit, Liberty, and the ability to get a bunch of land if you wanted a small farm type place or a few acres. You could also check out St. Louis but I’m not very familiar with the area.

Don’t go to Wichita.