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Wicat3's Squat Form Check

Been practicing on my form. This is my last set of the day.

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Looks very much like the style of squat Mark Rippetoe teaches.

Hopefully thats good. Before I was having issues with bracing and butt wink.

Is it your goal to squat like that? If it is, that’s good. If it’s not, that’s bad.

I was going for the low bar squat which is the starting strength way of squating.

Starting strength’s style uses a low bar for sure, but it’s not the only way to squat low bar. I squat low bar without using the style Rip teaches.

Here is another approach to low bar

There are others as well.

I like finding lifters built like me and trying to steal from their style.

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Sir! Surely you jest! What insane individual would actively seek out a squatting style suited for their body structure and leverages?! Sir you speak pure nonsense :face_with_monocle:. Whats next!? :wink:

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Layne “Fold over in the squat because of bad leverages and try not to die” Norton. Classic

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This looks much better than previous vids you’ve posted. Good job especially given it hasn’t been too long. Looks like you get a tad loose as the set goes on but keep working on actively bracing throughout.

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I squat with a VERY similar style. We seem to be built similarly.