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Why's Everybody Always Pickin On Me


I'm an American, been traveling from place to place in Europe now for about three years and in turn I've been to many different gyms. Everytime I switch gyms, after about a week in the new one, I can sense that all the guys don't like me. I'm polite, I say hello to everybody, I don't tell them how bad they are doing their exercises, I basically just keep to myself, but still get dirty looks, and some don't even say hello back after a week.

I don't understand what I am doing to them. Is it because I'm American? Is it because I do squats, cleans and deads while they do abs, smith machine, biceps, and pec decs? Is it because I'm ugly, do I scare them? I'm not even that big by american standards (210lb) but I'm usually the biggest guy in the gym over here, could that be it?

I've only been to one gym that was worth a shit, it's in Spain and the monitor is an avid T-Nation follower. Everyone in this gym does squats and deads, even the girls, all because of the monitor- the first real personal trainer I've seen in europe, great guy. He actually helps somebody when they are doing something wrong instead of just letting them waste their time or fuck themselves up like all the other monitors. This is the only place where I enjoyed working out and the people were all nice to me. But I still don't understand why in the other gyms the people wouldn't like me for doing different exercises than them.

Maybe it's because I put a LOT of effort into my workouts, I don't know.

I just had to get this off my chest, just got back from my monday wo in my new gym today, I've been there a week and it's the same fuckin story as before, everybody seems like they have something against me. I hate to say it, but it actually does bother me a tiny bit. It will NEVER stop me, I just wish I could workout in a gym where it didn't seem like everyone was talking shit about me. Oh well, I feel better now anyway, that's the important part, thanks again T-Nation.


i know how you feel. when i was in Italy, i went to a couple of gyms across the country and i also got dirty looks. actually, i got dirty looks EVERYWHERE i went in Italy and parts of Switzerland. all i can say is the dirty lookers are a bunch of douche bags.nobody had the balls to step up so they must be jealous we are the greatest country in the history of man. it could have been the big American flag i had across my chest on my t-shirt.either way, USA USA USA.


do you smoke copius amounts of weed?


If people outside of the U.S. are not overly friendly to you maybe it is becuase of your dck head attitude, or that you make ignorant and Un-intelligent statements?

On what basis are you claiming that The U.S> is the greatest country in the history of man?

Is it the size of your army (the same army that invented the term �??friendly fire�??)
Is it your strong economy?
Is it your well respected and intelligent leader?

If you wish to make stupid ass comments like this may I suggest you read up (OK maybe you can find a film about the following, I know Mel Gibson makes world history much easier to understand for you)

Ancient Egyptians
the Roman empire
Acient Greeks
Britain (during the industrial revolution when they controlled 90% of global trade)

The US today does not even come close sorry dude


Yeah, I think we can see why everybody gave mazilla dirty looks (not trying to put you down maz, but people around the world already think that Americans think they are better than everybody, and you just reinforced it).

But I NEVER advertise that I am American, people only know if they ask. Not that I don't like my country, I just don't feel it's special compared to the rest of the world. If anything, I'm a bit embarrassed of how our government has handled things of late. Now I guess I'm anti-american and should be nuked, right?

Anyway, back to the original problem, me advertising that I'm from the US definitely is not the problem, I don't even have any clothes with the flag (wow, I really am anti-american NOW), so what the hell could it be?


And by the way, everybody is really friendly to me outside of the gym. But inside the iron house, it's a different story...


Shit posts like this are pure jealousy. To claim that the US doesn't ccome close to these old civilizations is silly.


Well, America is better because Americans walk in to European gyms and start deadlifting while Europeans are doing crunches and pec decs apparantly.

Since the American Revolution, European nations have always had to rely on their bigger, little brother across the pond for protection, usually from Germany. Germany gets a little drunk and rowdy (and who wouldn't with all that German beer?) and starts beating people up, Great Britain, France, etc can't fight back well enough and the United States steps in and turns the tide of war until victory for herself and her feeble allies.

Not only that, but European countries had to take our model of separate states in a nation with a common currency to improve their own political standings in the world, and we've only been around for an inkling in comparison to european history. Apparantly we lead the learning curves too.

And our athletes just make European athletes look silly, except for soccer but soccer is pretty gay anyways. And we even have your soccer superstar regardless!

I would imagine Europeans have developed some sort of feeble sibling syndrome and seeing a bigger, stronger American doing manlier exercises in their gyms agitates the syndrome.


can you explain how currently the US is even close to controlling 90% of global trade?


can you show the source for your statistics and adequately explain the variables in the process?


I never got a dirty look in an Italian gym. Everyone was pleasant and mostly kept to themselves.


what do you wear? Is it goofy clown pants and a Bruce "born in the USA" T-shirt? Do you wear a bandanna and have a trite barbed wire tattoo around your upper arm? Are you an overgrunter?


Maybe he has a mullet, zubaz pants, a Chevy bow tie tattoo, a Camaro and a dog-food bag of weight gainer that he keeps in the trunk. Possibly even a "truck balls" trailer hitch on his Camaro.


I wear sweat shorts and a t-shirt, one of them has a nike logo (is that too american?), tennis shoes, no hat or bandanna, no tats, don't even show off my arms. I look like the other guys, just bigger.

Explain "overgrunter". I'm definitely one of the only guys who grunt, but WTF, it helps me get the weight up. Maybe that's it. But I only make noise with my heavy deads, squats, cleans, and push presses, nothing else really now that I think about it. When I hear somebody else it's almost always biceps...




OP, it sounds as if it has nothing to do with you being American, just becuase a more avid lifter than the rest of the people there.


Dude, we invented fake tits.


Is that the ultimate mark of a great civilization? Repressing free trade? How many of those civilizations put a man on the moon?

Over the last (approximately) 100 years the US has led the world economically, militarily, scientifically, even our crappy TV and movies seem to drive world culture changes.

You may not like it but it is real.


Thanks rsg, I thought of that before, but I still don't understand why they would be pricks. When I see someone with more experience I relish it! I even take advantage and ask questions about diet and views and such, and they are always very happy to answer. If somebody is better than me I try to learn from them, maybe I'm crazy...

I remembered something about last friday, when I think I pissed one guy off. I had put 2 incline benches together to do dips, as there's no dip station, and a guy saw me and tried to show me a different way. He showed me to the back hyperextension thingy(i'm not sure what it's called) and continued to show me how I could do 6 inch dips before hitting the ground with my knees. I promise I wasn't being an asshole, but I explained that that ROM did very little for my triceps or chest, and had him try one of mine with the benches. Well, he barely got one good dip in before giving me a nod and walking off. I probably showed him how to do his first real dip in his life, but guess what, dirty looks ever since. WTF? You'd think the guy would fuckin THANK me. I don't understand. What's REALLY messed up is that I'M still an amatuer!


Not sure how you 'lead the world' on these matters, if you can offer any insight on why you would think this this that would be very interesting.

Britain did not repress free trade suring the industrial revolution it created mass global trade at the time.