Why'd You Ask?!?!?!

OK, so I gotta vent a bit?

I probably have a some what unique situation where, I?m more or less a computer geek who is into fitness stuff. Or I?m a muscle head who just happens to be a computer geek. However, this is getting to be the worst combination of things I think I could be.

I come in to work every day and work on computers, servers, ?the network?, phone systems, RF devices? You know name it? If it?s an electronic device I deal with it? I do this for 40 hours a week and I?m on call 2 times a month, when I?m at home I mess with my computer a bit, not like before when I had servers and 4 or 5 computers running? I just have 1 now at home and the wife?s laptop? However, I don?t care if your home computer isn?t working, my life doesn?t revolve around computers? You have an issue at work, call me I?ll fix you up? You bought some computer off somebody at a yard sale and you want me to help get it fixed, not going to happen? There?s a reason it was only $5? I always get this? Well, my neighbor down the street, and here?s the classic line, ?knows everything about computers?? Son of a Bitch if this doesn?t set me off? I feel like taking a keyboard and shoving it right up their ass!!! There, see if your neighbor knows about that!!! And? If your god damn neighbor knows ?everything about computers? and you already talked to him, go bug him then and why are you even asking me in the first place!!!

I?m sure most of you get questions, like I really want to loose my gut, or how do I make my arms bigger. Now, I?m no Chad Waterbury or Jon Berardi, however I?ve been doing this stuff for the last 12ish years of my life and have learned a little something, what I don?t know I research and experiment with and I don?t have a problem with telling you what I know, but don?t question me? Don?t tell me you want get into your ?skinny jeans? while you are sitting there eating a bag of twizzlers because ?there?s no fat in them?? Well, why?d you ask then? Don?t ask me about how to drop weight when you are clearly 200 lbs over weight and tell me you can?t stop eating carbs? Why?d you ask??? Don?t tell me that cardio is what is needed to loose weight and you do 2 hours a day after the initial 20 pounds you lost you aren?t getting results and when I present you with some T-Nation articles, tell me it?s discouraging? Again? Why?d you ask??? Don?t ask me what I eat all day and the first god damn thing I say is? Well first thing in the morning, I make an egg white and egg omelet sometimes with low fat, low sodium ham or turkey bacon and low fat cheese, but before I can even get the whole thing out, I get? Well that?s basically what I do, except instead of the eggs, I eat a bowl of lucky charms and instead of the cheese, I just put whole milk on the lucky charms? Again? Why?d you ask??? A classic was least week when my buddy who ?wants to get bigger? tells me what he ate all day? And? He was proud of himself? He said, he had an banana for breakfast, an apple for lunch and I forget what he said he had before he went to the gym? I was like what??? Man, you gotta eat? You gotta get protein, and eat 6-8 times a day? He was like? Oh, I can?t eat that much? Why?d you ask me then!!! Now get your skinny 50 lb. squatting ass away from me!!!

Then yesterday was yet another classic? My buddy who I train with at the gym? He?s about 15 years older then me? I just met the guy at the gym a few years ago, he was doing the same routine over and over and over and over and wondering why his bench press wasn?t going up. Well, I had him workout with me one day and he?s been working out with me now going on a year. After the first 8 weeks of CW?s TBT training his bench went up 50 lbs? Anyway, he tells me yesterday about his diet and tells me he?s really gotta start watching himself again cause he put on some weight? Now, even though I?m always conscience of what I eat? I still like my chicken wings and pizza and love my beer? However, I haven?t bought new pants because I need a bigger size. I?m in the same size forever now. However, my shirts seem to be getting tighter… So yeah, I may have a free weekend or a cheat meal, but I know my limits and I know when it?s too much? Now, he says to me about watching what he?s eating and he?s going to start after Easter? I flipped out? I was like? ?WHAT??? Easter!!! Now I?ve set a day to start and sometimes you gotta set a day just to mentally prepare yourself. I can see that, but Easter!!! It?s friggin? January!!! I was all like, well yeah, but after Easter is Memorial Day, and soon after that is the 4th of July and then right around corner is Labor Day, then right after that the holidays are here and guess what? We are right back till January of next year!!! Come on? I would have accepted that I?m going to start Monday because I have a really busy week and my team is in the Super Bowl and I?m going to this party, blah, blah, blah, but Easter? Anyway? I think I gave him enough shit that he?ll be watching what eats from now on?

I guess I?m just tired of excuses? If you want the luxury of having a computer, guess what? It?s going to cost you? Whether it?s a new PC, or a good virus scan or firewall or god forbid paying a tech to fix it? Same with eating and fitness? Don?t make excuses? You know what to eat? Just don?t wait till Easter to start or? Go about eating your twizzlers and wonder why your ?skinny jeans? still aren?t fitting… Just don?t ask me why?

Do not use Word to compose your posts.

Someone get this kid a diary.

What was the question again?

[quote]Zap Branigan wrote:
What was the question again?[/quote]

I don’t know. But what is ironic is he’s this almighty computer nerd but his post came out like that. You would think a computer god would know not to use Word for posting on the web…

[quote]Zap Branigan wrote:
What was the question again?[/quote]

I? don?t know?

This guy needs to go to ?computer? school.

[quote]rainjack wrote:
Zap Branigan wrote:
What was the question again?

I? don?t know?[/quote]

Seriously don?t make fun of the guy. He?s a computer nerd. They have very sensitive feelings! Didn?t you hate it when someone wasn?t nice to you when you were younger? You probably said ?Hey, you?re hurting my feelings!?

[quote]PGA wrote:
rainjack wrote:
Zap Branigan wrote:
What was the question again?

I? don?t know?

Seriously don?t make fun of the guy. He?s a computer nerd. They have very sensitive feelings! Didn?t you hate it when someone wasn?t nice to you when you were younger? You probably said ?Hey, you?re hurting my feelings!?[/quote]

This shit is too funny…

[quote]rsg wrote:
This shit is too funny…[/quote]

Please, if you’re going to post in this thread the least you could do is post in leet speak!

Here is your post in l33t.

T|-|i5 5|-|i7 i5 700 fu||||y…

So many words, so little sense

When people ask me how to lose 10 lbs, I just tell them to cut off one of their arms. Amputation is the most effective way to lose weight fast. Then I tell them, if they want to get in shape, the first thing they should do is lift weights. The conversation usually ends there.

But why get so worked up over it? People ask for advice and then discard it all the time. If you get that worked up over it, you will die young.


I thought there was pizza and beer in here.

Seriously, why does it bother you so much that people ask for advice about something?

I happen to be an auto mechanic that does not work in that field. People often ask me to listen to some noise their car is making, and I am happy I am able to help someone out with little effort on my part.

I bet if people stopped asking you for advice and asked people around you, you would complain “how come they never ask me?”