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Why You Shouldn't Sag Your Pants


This is hilarious: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHPpJbRONZA




really really really old




Still fascinated with jail are you Clip?


and making porn sites
and male dancing
and fat chicks, oh my bad..."thick" chicks


No one can accuse him of being a one trick pony.


Think he likes the WHOLE Buffet, when it comes to his chicks..

don't forget about his fascination of murdering for pennies on the dollar.


sagging is gay


is this win?


LOL, Thats a win


actually this Is


^^YES full of it.


I just found it and thought it was hilarious....whats the big deal?


don't forget about his fascination of murdering for pennies on the dollar.[/quote]

Ok im tired of ppl keep bringing this up, I really dont give a damn about your opinion of me. You worry about how you gone put a roof over your head or get your car fixed and then you see how desperate you get . When you in my position then you can judge. I am what i am and Ill do what i do.


Clip is really a little white dude.


I thought this would teach me why I shouldn't sog my pants...


seriously tho, the HUGE baggy shorts and baggy t-shirts drapped over and hanging out makes it impossible to see the lifter's form, and whether or not he's lifting correctly.
people need to learn that basketball shoes are meant for playing basketball, when you're lifting weight, springing bouncy is not good, you need a stable firm base. Likewise excess clothing hanging loose and baggy is counter productive.


...the fuck?



This thread is now about how to dress while lifting?

Would you mind telling me what I should wear in the gym as well. Are tank tops/sleeveless shirts ok?


I think it's stupid to wear long basketball shorts while squatting. They catch on your knees and they make it difficult to judge depth. Also, if you're sagging them you look retarded while squatting.

The guy does have a point.