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Why You Should Be Strong

Why you should be strong.

"A man who doesn’t exercise will have a weak body, a sluggish mind, weak will and will lack energy. He can hardly hope to succeed in the the times that we are experiencing and can expect to continue to an uncertain time in the future. And the man that lives right and exercises right not only obtains tremendously powerful muscles that obey his every command but his internal organs perform their duties perfectly. He also obtains a thorough mastery of his will and an easy and contented mind.

This frequent employment of one’s will power makes it possible to control the body and to easily perform feats that otherwise would be difficult or impossible. This type of man becomes independent and self-reliant. He will never be a coward and when real danger threatens, he is the one that others look to and depend upon.

When a man is strong he has a real mastery over himself. This strength breeds energy and courage, helps to meet with success the more difficult problems and tasks of life. Results in true contentment and enjoyment of living. Who would want to be inactive and weak when proper physical training benefits so greatly?"

-Bob Hoffman-

I read the first sentence and stopped. How does physical prowess equate with the mind? I’ve met many more strong/athletic people who were dumb as shit then smart guys with the same characteristic.

We have to face it, T-Men are rare. Every strong/athletic guy at my school is a fucking dumb-as-shit jock who’ll grow up to serve french fries at McDonald’s, and every smart guy, save me and one other, doesn’t work out nor is athletic.

A mixture of brawn and brains is rare nowadays.

I think the author is refering to will power and the strength of the mind rather than “smarts” Being more physically able does provide me with a mental edge over a competitor. (most of the time)

I can relate to this, as in success in the weight room will lead to confidence in other ventures.

Besides Bob wrote this in the 30’s. So keep that in mind while reading this.