Why Would Novaldex Alone Not Work as TRT?

I have read a study (the one by harvard for example) that taking novaldex alone would raise testosterone. Also due to feedback, I think there was another that said taking femara alone would also raise T. Taking femara alone might not be a good idea as it would be hard to calibrate exactly how much you needed.

Anyway, just curious.

It would eliminate the need for hcg and test and arimidex/femara so 1 oral drug instead of 2 nijectables and 1 oral.

Such tests serve to show the mechanics of how the body reacts to a drug or type of drug and should not be assumed to be a valid treatment. SERMs have side effects and are not suitable for the life long needs of hypogonadism.

Does nothing to address primary hypogonadism.

Will not work if the pituitary is not able to respond to gonadotrophin releasing hormone from the hypothalamus.

If a SERM creates high levels of LH, excess E2 may result the same way high dose hCG does that.