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Why Would I Require 1mg a day Arimidex, but Small Amounts of SNS Inhibit E?

Sup fellas,

I’m a Post Finasteride guy that’s been battling to return to normalcy for quite some time. In a nutshell and through experimentation, I have found that I am an over-aromatizer - that is, even small amounts of testosterone causes a large spike in my estrogen levels. Through experimenting, I’ve been raising my test in a few ways, either with supplements like Tongkat Ali (Longjack) 200:1, or Mucuna Pruriens, or with Testosterone undecanoate.

Regardless of how I raise my testosterone, I will feel good for an initial honeymoon period, and then get blasted with anxiety, depression, and emotions, which of course is the start in the rise of estrogen (with bloat, etc). So, I secured some brand name arimidex and also along the way ordered a bottle of SNS inhibit e, which I’ve seen some people use on this forum.

With arimidex, I require a lot. I’m talking about 1mg a day to even see a slight alleviation of estrogen, and I don’t want to go higher with that medication for obvious reasons. I mean bottom line, it just doesn’t feel like it works.

Then, yesterday I took 1/3 a capsule of SNS Inhibit E, and BOOM - dipped the estrogen low ASAP. Crazy emotions gone, anxiety lifted, feeling alpha as fuck, but I can tell that I took the E too low, as I’m not too joyous, just kinda going through the motions of the day, lacking erectile function and libido. Yeah, good stuff.

My question for the fellas here, is why would I not respond adequately to arimidex, but over-respond to the inhibit e? I took the 1/3 capsule yesterday morning and even right now I’m still feeling low e’ish, though I am returning to normalcy.

On top of this, I’ve also been playing around with Proviron, which I’ve found that when my T and E are satisfactory, provides some good results.

Any ideas?