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Why White Liberals are Such Excellent Haters


As Steve points out



I guess this incident has been all over the local news, which I stopped watching a couple of years ago, so I hadn't heard of it. Could the President weigh in on this one as well?


It's like I started out reading a story about a murdered teen, but found myself ambushed by a white guilt trip.


What is your point?

When I am considering the murder of a young person and feeling shocked and horrified by it, the very next thought through my mind as well is "Thus, in a country dominated by white people, nonwhite people are vulnerable to being marginalized and discriminated against."

How doesn't that follow?


LOL. Good one Bill. It took me a second to get that one.

Naturally, white people were responsible for this black crackhead killing the blonde white girl, just as the white liberal columnist says.


So one cunt writes a stupid, nonsensical article and it explains everything about white liberals? Go fuck yourself Johnny.

There's plenty of chicken scratch coming out the trailer parks of the South that gets published, but I don't think that's what makes all conservatives tick. PR, that's another fine post by the weakest poster here.


Wow. Talk about making Steve's point for him.


Great post PRCaldude


What's worse is that this guy was actually eligible for the 3-strikes law, but because of a paperwork foul up, he was not convicted of it. So he could have been locked up for 25 to life, and leaving this girl alive today.

PRCaldude, where in Cali are u?


Are you kidding Irish? He brings this place to life! Think of some of the posts he's given us. Where else but in his mind could you find stuff like: the "People hate Palin b/c female newscasters are ugly and resent her family"?

I couldn't bring myself to click on his links...are they any good?


So you came in here, make fun of him. Yet don't even read the article? I at least give you crazy's the chance and read the nonsense that comes from your isle.


You got that much out of it? I don't know what the hell she was writing about. It was like reading a really long drunk text.


Living in cities turns most people into human rats. This was a case of a human rat attacking someone who was still what we consider a genuine human. He wasn't going to attack another rat; that might get him killed. Nice humans are easier prey.

Cities are unnatural. Lesson: leave them for the rats.


Didn't take you long to rise to the bait, did it? What a surprise - you're sucking FI's internet wiener again.


Los Angeles county.

When you start reading up on this girl's background, the background of her parents, and about the type of school she went to, a familiar story begins to emerge. SWPLism kills.

Apparently, the cops found the guy drinking a beer a half-hour later.


It's the Muslims' fault!



Long time, no hear. Still living in a conspicuously non-Muslim country I see.

If you want to talk about Islam again, I'm all for it. Your co-religionists have provided ample material lately:


Remember when that other Muslim guy came on here and told you what an obfuscator you were? That was hi-larious. Sadly, he didn't stick around.


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Well what you gentlemen see there, is the final effect of propaganda. It has been successful in making people think like this. There is nothing to really say. White people will legislate and politicize themselves into a minority group in this country. It's well on it's way. Have European Union passports ready for your kids.


I do not think she was only criticizing the White Male, she criticized Obama. And others, I do agree the likes of Limbaugh, Beck and the other mouth pieces of the Republican establishment are the biggest problems. The white male over history has seen by far the least amount of negative racial profiling.


You should have your daughter volunteer handing out needles to junkies on skid row to atone for the sins of white males, past and present (and future!).