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Why? What? When? How?



Iv been lurking for a while now, been meaning to join for some time, so thought id get stuck in and post!

Would just like to hear what motivates you guys to train and eat big, what made you take it to that next level, etc.

This is just down to my own curiosity, and i'm hoping to pick up some knowledge. (hence the fact I joined this glorious forum)

Thanks in advance (apologies if this post is in the wrong place)


To be a big pretty motherfucka!!!!


I see we share rather similar goals, who'd have thought it!

im clearly fucking light years away from where id like to be.
Where would you like to be in say oh the next five years?


idk dude you look a lot like Batman, that's pretty impressive


Did you ever watch the movie Bigger, Stronger Faster? This movie reach me on many points. I'm alos doing it because bodybuilding 'may' be the hardest sport on earth. You need to put everything in in or you will get average or no results.

It's like playing the 'Diablo from Blizzard' video game, gaining XP, better weapon and leveling up, But with yourself instead of a fictional character. You are progressing with your own body. Nothing can me more addictive than that and like the video game, the more high your level is, the more time it need to progress and the more you become bigger, stronger and faster than everybody else.


Haha yeh I get that all the time, honestly batman is actually about 2 inches taller than me, but other than that we are completely identical.

ALX i will check that movie out as soon as possible, and I really like the gaming analogy its quite a good way of putting it.


Sweet analogy.