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Why we've come to despise 'anti-war' protesters...

 To all those whining that the american public has shun anti-war protesters in a bad light, calling them unpatriotic - here's a little something for you. Let me remind you why we got to despise some of these anti-war mongers, and why we made it a past-time of ridiculing Natalie Maines & company. Hopefully you'll be able to see these people who are now crying, are doing so because they've been embarrassed and humiliated by their actions that included but werent limited to: blocking the shipping of supplies to troops, hurling rocks and concrete to the police and then saying police were to harsh on them, holding pukefests to dhow how they feel about the US, wishing 1000 mogadichus on our troops, and hoping for more Bin Laddens. Very Unpatriotic, and nothing will take that back. When did you hear Pro-wars say such things about our troops and our country? There's a reason why they were regarded as being patriotic. Read on.
 April 08, 2003

When Antiwar Speech Turns Seditious
By Michelle Malkin

They?ve trashed 9/11 memorials. Blocked streets. Burned flags. Shut down bridges. Marched on Broadway. And trampled across the National Mall.

They?ve thrown stones at a uniformed female member of the Vermont National Guard, and hurled pie at a Bay Area television reporter deemed too pro-war.

They?ve carried signs that read ?We support our troops when they shoot their officers? and ?Don?t impeach Bush?.execute him.?

They?ve publicly wished for ?a million Mogadishus? and privately hoped for 100 new bin Ladens.

They?ve issued manifestos calling for sabotage of military establishments in the name of peace. They?ve organized ?die-ins? in the name of justice. And they?ve conducted ?vomit-fests? to uphold their warped view of the American way.

The antiwar mobsters have gotten away with all this and more. But on Monday, one city finally drew the line.

In Oakland, Calif., local police arrested dozens of antiwar activists who flouted their free-speech rights in a treacherous attempt to shut down a port involved in shipping military supplies to soldiers during wartime. Elsewhere in the Bay Area, several others were cited for crossing a police line outside the Concord Naval Weapons Station; seven more face felony charges for stopping traffic nearby on Interstate 280.

Oakland officials say that the self-proclaimed pacifists, who still fancy themselves the righteous heirs of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., hurled concrete, wood, and iron bolts at cops. In self-defense, the outnumbered police fired appropriately named ?dummy? bullets, sting balls, and bean bags at the unruly crowds.

Sporting grapefruit-sized welts and bruises?their very own red badges of incorrigibility!?the Oakland rabble-rousers wheedled that the cops were too ?aggressive.?

“I’ve never seen this level of violence in response to a community picket,” complained David Solnit, a ?veteran of two decades of civil disobedience? who helped coordinate Monday’s blockade through an outfit called Direct Action to Stop the War.

But this was not your organic garden-variety ?community picket.?

The antiwar obstructionists did not set out simply to exercise their own free speech. They set out deliberately and specifically to prevent private businesses from fulfilling their federal contracts with the Department of Defense and U.S. Agency for International Development related to the war and post-war reconstruction in Iraq.

Cyprus Gonzalez, 19, of Oakland, who was struck during the port melee made his and his antiwar collaborators? intentions clear: ?It’s direct. Here, we’re actually trying to shut the place down for a day, to take a strike straight at the actual machine of the war."

The antiwar mob?s primary target at the port of Oakland was American President Lines, a longtime carrier of military cargo. According to the firm, all but two of the company’s ships went into military service during World War I. In World War II, the company controlled hundreds of Liberty and Victory ships that carried troops and ammunition through enemy waters. APL provided converted commercial ships for the first Gulf War. And for Operation Iraqi Freedom, the carrier has made nine of its vessels available to the DOD in order to move ammunition and sustainment cargo to support U.S. military forces.

The Oakland punks weren?t simply standing on the sidewalks outside APL chanting their mindless antiwar slogans. They were blocking its trucks, employees, entryways, and streets in order to stop the shipment of things like bullets, rations, lubricants, medical supplies, repair parts and chemical defense equipment to our troops.

These bolt-throwing peaceniks also targeted Stevedoring Services of America, which recently won a contract for assessment and a year’s operation of the Port of Umm Qasr in Iraq. The firm will also handle 3 million tons of humanitarian aid.

So in addition to trying to block ammo and gas masks for our soldiers, the antiwar extremists also took a bold stand against sending food and medicine to Iraqi civilians.

Nice going, do-gooders.

Make no mistake: This continued campaign of ?direct action? against private businesses and military establishments is not antiwar speech. It?s anti-soldier, anti-cop, anti-American sedition. The Oakland police deserve medals of honor for drawing the line.

Good Post and for those of you who though that all the Vietam protests were peaceful on the side of the demonstrators. Check the history of the student take over of the Columbia Dean’s office. It was real peaceful of them to shot the Dean in the face (family friend).
I am all for free speech and change the government through peaceful means. Just check with your local Public Safety people. All this tax payer money for first responders, well it amounted to twenty-two cents per person for our CERT training program.
So you can say that your future saftey is really going to have to be a grass roots movement. Why not be a part of it.
Best of Luck.

What a pity that the cops used “dummy” bullets. They should’ve used the real ammos.

Good post. I totally agree. It is utterly redicules how people abuse the freedom that others have died for. Sometimes I think that all to many of us forget that. What I find funny is how all these celebrity’s think we actually care about there opinions!! Someone who is making millions of dollars to make a movie or sing a song shouldn’t be complaining about anything. This is probably the only country where they can live the lifestyle they do so they should appreciate it or get the heck out and see how to make it in the real world. Realize your a POP STAR not a political analysist. Most of them dont even have a college degree for God sakes!

Man Diesel…you hit the nail on the head with this one. I heard about an incident where protestors scratched/keyed a womans car because she had a DOD sticker on it. Stuff like this is why we are on their butts about being unpatriotic. There is a difference between polite protest…even civil disobedience and what these people did. They are liberal scum…

Great Post, totally agree. If you’re gonna protest, do it peacefully and respectfully. There is no need to harm businesses or other people during your protest. I hate it when they do that dumb shit, but then complain and sue the cops for being too harsh. Jesus man, don’t break the law in the first place and it won’t happen. And whoever said the celebrities should be happy with their lifestyles is absolutely correct.

We have to be careful not to put every peace protestor into the same pot. Each person needs to be evaluated base upon his or her (or it’s during the sex change) own actions. Military action must always be weighed very carefully.

People have been raised to believe that war is always bad. “War, Huh, What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Say it again.” This is no different then trying to convince people to start taking fish oil. “I am trying to lose weight, and you want me to eat more fat?” Not all fat is bad, and not all war is bad. If there is truly a better choice, then take it, but sometimes it is the best choice, and that is what is so hard for people to understand.

My problem with many protestors is that some will be against violence, and yet are willing to be violent to support their anti violence point of view. Then there are the ones who are against war only because they are against a current administration. Lives are more important then politics. But the biggest group are the ones who don’t think for themselves. They are involved in any protest just because their told to, or because their friends are involved. They are nothing but sheep.

I don’t know how many people saw this on showtime, but people went to a Greenpeace rally and got tons of signatures from the protestors to ban Dihydrogen Monoxide. Check out these two links. One for, and one against it. Tell me what you think.



On another note I find it funny that I have heard actors actually demand that certain people should be taken off the air, or celebrating a person being forced off the air because of politics, and suddenly are now acting as if people don’t buy their albums, or go to their movies then this is a horrible form of blacklisting.

Seriously check out the above links and tell me what you think.

Only a small fraction of the anti-war demonstators were “hippy types” or rabble-rousers. The vast majority were IMO “regular” people from all walks of life. Middle class, working class, all races, all ages, etc etc.

It is unfortunate to see signs “We Support Our Troops When They Shoot Their Officers”… notice how those people had their faces covered? They did not represent the vast majority of anti-war protestors.

The vast majority of anti-war people were not throwing rocks or even disrupting other peoples’ daily lives. If you think all the Iraq war protestors were all radical hippies, you are really very out of touch with your fellow Americans.

 Yeah I did, and thanx for waking me up Lumpy.

Maybe you support the police when they fire on their own citizens?

This article is from that “radical commie” newspaper the Alameda Sun-Times:

“Video doesn’t show rocks being thrown:
No attacks against police appear in a film shot by an internal affairs investigator”
By Cecily Burt, STAFF WRITER

"OAKLAND – A videotape provided by Oakland police of an April 7 protest at the Port of Oakland does little to dispel the image that officers overreacted by firing bean bags, wooden dowels and stinger-grenades at protesters who blocked truck traffic at the APL terminal.

In the aftermath, Police Chief Richard Word defended his department. He said officers only fired on the crowd after protesters threw rocks and other objects at them.

But the video, shot by an internal affairs investigator and released by the city in response to a public records act request by the ACLU and The Oakland Tribune, doesn’t show objects being thrown at police, or any other type of physical attack against officers.

Several people were struck and injured by “less-lethal” weaponry, which experts say should be aimed at a person’s feet and lower body to reduce risk of serious injury.

Many protesters were hit in the back as they retreated from lines of police on motorcycles and others on foot, dressed in riot gear. One woman was hit in the jaw. A port worker who was outside the gates was hit in the hand. His thumb was broken, requiring surgery. "

Continued at:

To Diesel23:

Althought I don’t agree with you on this whole war topic, I give you a big “thumbs up” for demonstrating, once again, the hypocrisy and lack of morality of humanity.

As a side note, I rank that kind of crap at the same level than anti-abortion protesters(claiming they want to protect life) who kill doctors and nurses (wow, what kind of protection is that?).

Oh, by the way, nice pictures you posted above! :0)

Have a nice day!