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Why We Wear Headphones


So I'm hitting triceps with my brother-in-law, and we're doing bench dips with a dumbbell on our lap for added resistance. This is our last exercise, and we've killed it thus far so our triceps are shot. I don't remember the size of dumbbell, but I'm guessing 85-90lbs. A dude approaches as we're between sets (at least he waited until then).

"Me and my training partners used to put 7 or 8 plates on our legs to do those", he says without being asked, of course.

My initial thought was, "Bulls#*t you did", and that's still my thought.

I told him how impressed I was, hoping he'd go away and after a couple more fibs he did.

Let's be honest, not only would putting 7-8 weight plates take forever to place on someone's legs, it would be almost impossible to balance. Also, unless you're Branch Warren, whose legs would be able to withstand that amount of weight? And lastly, think about 7-8 plates on your lap area- things could really wrong for another body part, if you're picking up what I'm dropping down!

Like a lot of people at the gym, I normally train alone- with headphones on. Blasting tunes is motivating and can exempt you from eye-rolling encounters like the one depicted above. However, the other day my ipod wasn't juiced up and I was wearing the headphones strictly to keep others away and guess who shows up? This time his victim was a guy doing a fair amount of weight on the dumbbell shoulder press. Dude tells him how he used to do 150lb. dumbbells for ten reps on that exercise! Then he says how he used to weigh about 220lbs. (I'd guess he's 180lbs. now). I wanted to scream! The phrase "USED TO" is attached to everything this guy says.

I think I'm pretty good at putting a positive spin on things. So instead of ever confronting Mr. Used To, I think to myself, at least he's at the gym working out (sort of) instead of at the bar drinking. I also make a point to remember to charge my ipod more often!


Cool Story Bro


Not a bad story. Could have used a time-traveling vampire and a couple references to "Tiger Uppercuts" though. 6 / 10


You spend way too much time worrying about what other people do.




8 2.5lb plates is only 20lbs, I think he was complimenting you by saying your using 4x as much weight as he did.


we're done here.


thread saved.


What does that mean when you see a bunch of symbols instead of an apostrophe? Like this: "It??^%#s cold out!"

Doesn't that mean something has been copied and pasted?

What?A?^s the deal with that?


Tiger uppercuts make everything more cool.


It is indeed a copy and paste job.


Was it this guy??


Annie's boobs!


I've done dips with my gf on my lap and we were exchanging slobbery kisses at the same time.

People were upset.

My girl only weighs like 90 pounds though.


Op looks to be in great shape, but he has a TINY kettlebell.






Its not the size of the kettlebell its how you use it.


Just keep tellin yourself that.