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'Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It'


by Gary Taubes.

The book makes the case for a straigt keto diet, but I've read around that you can die if you don't carb up. Is this true? I find it hard to believe you can die from not eating bread, rice, pasta, and tortillas....


Low carb diets are unsustainable. Eventually you'll be offered bread, chocolate, or cake. When this happens, game on. You'll set a world record for weight gain. A better way is to keep carbs and fat at below 30% each.

That and keep the heart rate up. There is a reason power lifters look like fat slobs. They do 15 seconds of work and then sit around for 3-5 minutes. Try doing pull ups/chin ups, dips, bodyweight squats, and push ups. 1 set per minute until you do say 6 sets of each and you'll see the difference. With weights do your sets 1 minute apart and it has the same effect. If you keep the heart rate up, the weight will go down. Simple.


Although I'm not a keto advocate; many of us function great on very low carb diets, some with limited re-feeds and many without.




It's not true. Think of it this way: You've heard of 'essential fats,' and 'essential amino acids,' yes? But you've never heard the term 'essential carbohydrates,' because there is no such thing. The body is more than capable of creating all the glucose it needs from protein (via a process called gluconeogenesis). Ketosis provides an alternative pathway for energy metabolism.


Can't fatty acids also be converted into glucose?


First, I dare you, hell, I triple dare you to walk up to a powerlifter, look him/her straight in the eyes and call him/her a fat slob because they are powerlifter.... Also, look up Tim Henriques here and look at his profile picture.

Second, keeping fats and carbs below 30% is NOT a "better way". It is your opinion only. it truly depends on the individual and how they react to food. As no two people are exactly alike, you don't have the answer. I prefer low carbs. It does not mean it is superior to all other diets, it just means that "I" prefer low carbs. I found that out by trial and error and what worked best with my body and lifestyle.

Saying that keeping your heart rate up and the weight will go down is just false. I can guarantee you that if I eat 10 000 calories a day (hard, but doable and keeping in mind your 60-30-30 diet plan) and keep my heart rate up, I will not loose weight. I will actually make things worse as my heart will have to work harder to pump blood as I gain weight.

What you do is find a diet and work out that fits your lifestyle, be consistent and enjoy the journey.


While the standard textbook response to your question is "no", branched chain fatty acids and those with an odd number of carbons can be metabolized to eventually form succinyl CoA. But, this isn't considered to be a significant source of energy.

As a side note, hydrolysis of triglycerides yields a glycerol molecule, which CAN be converted to glucose.


...and what works at 25 may be different than 35, and that may be different than 45, etc.


No, your body does require glucose, but it can manufacture it. No carbs are necessary in the diet for health.


At 47, I know what you mean.

Also, cool little article on Precision Nutrition web site on this very subject.


Uhh, right.

I've only been to one (local) meet and there was a wide range of body types, but I was amazed at how many lifters of both sexes had excellent physiques.


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