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Why We Do It


Wasn't sure if this belonged here or in the BB section. Its more of a rant so I guess here will suffice.

It started at work, the guys all talking about getting in shape, they've been talking about it for the last 2 years I've worked there, not one of them has even joined a gym.

They constantly ask me for advice, which I'm happy to give, but is never taken in. Yet still day in and day out they complain about there weak, out of shape physiques.

This reminded me of probably my favourite ever article on this site. I've been reading here for years and never really post, but the work situation made me re-read this article and I felt I should share the greatness of it with everyone here.

This is what separates people like us, from people like them.



Dude, didn't you hear? We're trying to brighten our outlook on life!



l. o. fucking. l.


That put me in a good mood thanks irish :slightly_smiling:




Plus, by working out your muscles you'll be drawing attention from the opposite sex, if you know what I mean.


Not sure I know what you mean.. now that you said, "you know what I mean?"..




I like how that guy in the clip is leaving his wife and family to go work out and wink at blond fitness chicks with big tits.


I do it for the free group showers after a sweaty workout


Sandusky liked this.


Duly noted.


Damn Nards, that was something -lol...

Need to "Pump ARN"... damn I love southern drawls :slight_smile: