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Why Was This Refused?

2 reds 1 green
I have no idea why they didn’t give it to me and I have the impression it fucked up my comp.

So if someone sees what I am not seing, say it.

do you watch the clock?

[quote]shizen wrote:
do you watch the clock? [/quote]

Is there a clock in the vid?

[quote]Old Dax wrote:
shizen wrote:
do you watch the clock?

Is there a clock in the vid?

no but you have certain time limit to do the lift, he might have not doing it in the time limit. Other then that lift looked fine so can’t think of any other reason.

If it was out of time there would have been a buzzer, there wasn’t so that couldn’t be the problem.

My only guess would be that your right arm looked like it unlocked SLIGHTLY on the way up. If that’s what it was for it was a really rough call.

I agree with Hanley - a pretty harsh press-out call for what was really a wobble. Can’t see how it could be anything else - started in time, didn’t touch the floor with anything other than your feet, feet in line at the top, lowered under control after the down signal.

Ahh 2 bad, but missing my first lift like that made me furious so I didn’t focus and fucked the rest up.

your arms were wobbling which probably made it look like you pressed it out a bit IMO.

I don’t know as much about OL but if it is like PL you (or a coach) can normally ask the judges why the lift was refused. Assuming you do it politely (easier said than done when you are fired up and pissed off at the same time) they will normally tell you, again that is the way it is with powerlifting,

I’m pretty sure that’s not the case in WL!

It was very close, but in a lot of higher level meets, the refs look at the elbows and if they see anything that might be a press-out, they will call it. I would have been 50/50 in giving a red, because it did look awfully close.

Yes, normally you can go to the refs of jury to ask why a lift was turned down, I have done it before. Good luck, and learn to not let it get to you, but use the energy to make the lift on the next attempt.

You could really use some overhead lock-out work to get those arms and shoulders stronger also. Just my .02 worth.

I’m holding out for an WL fed that will be like the IPA of olympic lifting- non-tested, loosing judging, hell- bring back to the press.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be a gymnast or a skater? Judged sports suck. The more cut and dry a sport is, the better. I was always dismayed that I knew the strike zone better from the batters box than many umpires did when they were right behind the plate.

I don’t know about skating, but I was a gymnast and the rules are pretty clear so judging isn’t that hard.

tough call, but like everyone said, press out. sucks on the judging, but it happens. I personally don’t like the pressout rule, it takes out the strength in the sport a lot.

you really scooped that thing up, nice pull. Let it get in front a bit but solid form. sucks on the pressout.

gymnasts are impressive