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Why Was Bonds Using Adrenaline?


I read in one of those unathorized biographies of Barry Bonds that part of his regimen was injecting things like insulin and adrenaline. Just curious, how was he using adrenaline?


Well if he was any type of badass, he injected that shit straight into his heart like I do before I hit the gym....lol

Anybody remember in "Crank" when Chelios injected all that epinephrine? That was some intense shit, lol. Fuck the pre-workout supps, use that shit.


insulin to help build muscle and for recovery, and adrenaline for the pre-game stimulant perhaps? That is what I would guess... Supposedly people in Iraq are shooting up adrenaline/epenephrine


Maybe the insurgents. For us troops, it takes an act of Congress to get a bag of cough drops; the medics have to practically beg for resupplies.


Not from what I have seen, a friend of mine was sitting around in his living room on a self-admistered I.V while he was on leave talking about how great all the stuff he learned is.

Friend: You haven't slept in 3 days? Put this I.V on for a while and you're good to go, wanna try?
Me: Nah, I'll take your word for it.

Maybe Rangers are just crazy like that though...


Medics in Iraq vs. friend in living room...


Yep, was talking about the insurgents... Our troops definetly shouldn't have adrenaline/epen if they can't have porn... sheesh, they might actually have higher morale!


What I meant was that maybe the insurgents have easy access to it, muscle_mike. I know first-hand how difficult it is to get even the most basic of medical supplies out there. I was a Combat Medic serving an Infantry unit there in '04.

But take my word on this one, the last thing a Soldier should be given under combat stress is a powerful stimulant.

OP, sorry for the thread hijacking.


I heard that some soldiers keep amphetamine and such in their medpacs in case of emergency. Mostly pilots I guess and some special forces.


i could only imagine, I bet their natural supply is just cranking it out...