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Why Wait for Genetic Limit?


I really don't have more than a passing curiosity in AAS which consist of me just reading some of the basic info and articles about them. However, I keep seeing it recommended that you should try and reach your genetic potential. Well I've poked around on the net some and can't really find the reasoning for this, other than training and diet knowledge needs to be acquired. I was wondering if there are physiological reasons for maxing out you genetic potential first?


because if you can still grow naturally than you don't really need steroids. Unless you are going for supraphysiological growth, why have supraphysiological hormone levels?


I would guess you'd just want to get faster growth.

Why wait ten years busting your ass day-in day-out in the gym with dialed-in nutrution when to had an impressive amount of mass while you could do it in 2 with a couple of AAS cyles.

Unless you go under the teens and you are sure you've finished growing, I have difficulty finding a reasonable, physiologically-defendable reason why you could not take AAS.

I've seen a number of people using steroids to reach and breaktrough what you'd expect be their genetic potential. They don't seem to be all that worse for wear.



I suppose it would just be a time issue, is this detrimental in some way? If so why?


I had thought that part of the reason was to ensure you actually knew how to gain and hold onto muscles.

Otherwise, how will you maintain the bulk you've added via a cycle?


Good answer vroom. While most of the gerneral ideas of gaining muscle and strengh still apply when your "on the magic beans", most of the guys I've seen go this route don't learn how to build without it. This usually translates into one of two things. One they loose their size. Two they become dependent on steroids because they don't know how to train/eat/rest=grow withouth them. Sure it can be done, but it's kinda like the little rich man's son who get's the business handed to him. He didn't earn it. Didn't bust his fucking ass to build it. Doesn't have the heart it would take to do so. And he doesn't get those who know any better's respect.

Unless you have a financial motive (sports contract), you should enjoy the whole ride.

"If you can't respect that you're whole perspective is wack, maybe you'll love me when I fade to black"


Yeah, I said besides this reason.