Why using is no big deal...

Because if you have the type of physique that people notice…everyone thinks your a juice head anyway!!

Yeah like my boss keeps saying I must get off of the drugs. He won’t listen that I’m not on anything, so I just go along with it. It does piss me off when I’ve worked hard for something without gear and then other people just put it down to that (has happened more than once). Still, the opinions of other people are not the reason why I’m not juicing.

Well I guess you CAN get pretty big naturally!!

Yeah, I know the feeling. I have really worked hard the last two years and made some big changes. I went from 270 lbs, bodyfat around 20% to my current 235 lbs, bodyfat approx 12%. I hear my coworkers joking about me being on gear, but I know some probably think I am. Especially since I’ve been following some of Ian King’s workouts. It pisses me off that they think the only difference between me and them is that I am on steriods, when it is really all the hard work, sweat, and soreness I’ve invested.

Sure, it may be a bit irritating not to have other people realize that your sweat and effort, not drugs, created your physique. But let’s face it: what do you care what other people think? The bottom line is, you lift weights for yourself, not for anyone else. And only you know for sure whether or not you’re on gear. So if you have a problem/objection to it, the only person you have to worry about is yourself.

Avoids Roids, I havent followed this ongoing debate but are you giving in to pressure or something or have I just misread your post? If you are indeed going to the darkside I hope it isnt because of some troll posts - that type of popularity shouldnt be an issue and should come from you sticking to your guns (besides what do you think your father and namesake Hammer would think about it - whats next, a “my first cycle” post ;). In relation to this thread, who cares what a few ignorant morons suspect, I know that I havent used and thats all that matters to me. Others who have used will hopefully have done so wisely and for very good reason (other than shortcuts or lazyness) and from a spiritual and self respect point of view that should be enough ensure they dont carry themselves like they are ashamed, scared or have mad cow disease as some of the “getting big quick to show off or prove something” juicers I know do. My personal view is those that push how safe juice is often overlook potential self image/self respect/spiritual consequences of using for the heck of it. Its just a personal observation/opinion but in addition to the strange paradoxes associated with using juice to get manly (porch puppies and impotence) I see another one - those that use in the hope of gaining respect or proving something superficial usually find the result is quite the opposite. Ive said this before and I think it applies generaly in life - everything we get comes at a price.

Just take it as a compliment! And sincerely thank them for the compliment! It’ll make them take a step back, in confusion probably. I mean, to be told you look like you’re on roids, but aren’t, hey fellas, now that’s a compliment in my book!

Man, when will people get it!! So many posts talk about steroids and laziness. I worked out for years without and now a few years on juice(periodically). I train just as hard now as I did when when I was not using(like a fukin banshee, by the way). It’s funny how all the guy’s who have never used think “LAZY” as soon as steroids are discussed. Well this is one guy who is not lazy in the gym. Neither are the other guys who use gear in my gym. The only difference is that we are bigger. Sure, there’s one or two who show up for awhile when they are doing a cycle and then dissapear till their next one. I don’t think they indicate the general dedication attributes of users, though. And, to those who think accomplishments should come without an easier approach that is available to them, I hope you don’t buy lottery tickets.

Before I ever took steroids, everyone who knew me would comment that i was on them anyway. Now that i take them ,they are more than sure. But so what? Even if you DO take gear, it doesnt make it any less rewarding…its not like you stick a needle pop a pill and suddenly, bop bop youre huge! If you dont put the effort in you dont see the results, and if you arent even more careful coming off, youll lose what you gained anyway. Taking steroids takes a much if not more discipline than training naturally because you add in so many new variables…just my opinion but i think gear doesnt “taint” your results…its still hard work ,you just see more for what you do…im sure the naturals here take all the supplementsthey can. Just because steroids actually work it doesnt make them wrong…and natural? what is natural anyway, is it only taking supplements/drugs that dont work? cause it sure as hell aint taking natural products only…creatine last time i checked was synthesized, and so are a whole whack of other things natural bodybuilders take. And yes im aware that creatine occurs naturally in animals so dont play that angle, testosterone does too, my point is that they arent exctracting it from meat, they are manufactoring it, like gear…i await input/lynching :slight_smile:

A couple of things, my post was actually supposed to be a reply to a previous post about steroids, regardless…

Dre, Are you trying to say that you lift so people don’t notice you??? Anyone who takes their body to a point beyond that of simply being in “good shape”, is lifting purely for ulterior motives. So the notion of not caring what “other morons think” is exactly the opposite of what lifting is about. That’s the most ironic thing about lifting, everyone is doing it to get noticed, but when you get to the point of having people notice you, they think you’re juicing.

No Dre, I have not gone over to the dark side. My comment was meant to be facitious. And yes I did post my “reflections on first cycle.” However, it was not about roid cycles. Rest assured Mr. Dre, my ass is pimple free, my nutz are still the size of basketballs and my Loisville Slugger points skyward upon command.

Steve Baker, did you know that condeming the condemers is a technique of justification for doing somehthing wrong? I take roids, so what, all those supplements people take are not natural anyways. I’m not saying taking steroids is wrong (I hate moral entrepeneurs)but you justify your reasons for taking it using the condem the condemers technique. Just making an observation.

Eightman - I thought this was a throwaway post by you - I dont lift to get noticed and cover up rather than flaunt it to prove something or get attention. I dont think you are serious about the topic anyway - if you know you arent juicing who cares and in my area it pretty obvious to those in the know who is and isnt juicing. Steve - I guess lazy is the wrong word if you are busting your balls year in year out. Molson, protein powder and creatine arent just natural, they occur in food and, to my mind, they are food. For the record, I’ve never opposed steroid use generally, would fully support it in certain sport, work and health situations, but personally cant stand the thought of using it for any other reason, esp to for the sake of proving something by being bigger sooner or as a substitute for hard training.

Ok, Avoids roids, though I regularly find your posts to be quite amusing, your last post implies that ANYONE who even pops a single 50mg anadrol or whatever loses all sex drive (in actuality, sex drive has been known to increase with sane amounts of steroids), their balls shrink to the size of dried up raisins and they breakout IMMEDIATELY. Dude, c’mon now. I admire your being natural and everything, but it’s people like you that run the FDA (not a compliment).