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Why use steroids???

Due to the nature of the internet having the benefit of not being physically swipped (abeit flamed) for asking certain questions, I do sincerley wonder why anyone who isn’t going down the road of pro-competition would consider using steroids? There’s been enough mention from various authors of this site justifiably venting their frustration towards those new to the scene or undisciplined enough to simply view material from informative sites like this one, to at least grasp the basic fundementals of bodybuilding. Have any of you guys/gals found from the information posted on this site, has made you change from being a roid user to applying training principles that don’t require any steroid assistance? I don’t stand in any position of judgement over those using roids, though I personally have satisfaction in achieving results by ‘as natual as possible’ means which also IMHO encourages others to pursue a ‘healthier’ lifestyle that differs from the general population’s mindset to roid users i.e I plan to be lifting when I’m 80.

You have to remember that a lot of people use drugs for sports performance which I’m sure you would still consider “legitimate.” Likewise, I would like to point out that pro hormone users are also steroid users. Androsol and Mag-10 may not give the same results as a gram of test a week but they’re still steroids. Some people don’t acknowledge pro hormones as steroids because they’re legal.

Because they work. I’ve been lifting since I was 16, I’m now 42. I trained hard, and smart for the last 5 years and got in what I call pretty good shape, my friends think it was better than pretty good but they are sofa spuds for the most part. I’m just under 6’2" and the best I could do while lean was 185 lb. I tried prohormones and eating more, I usually eat pretty clean anyway and this time was no exception. I made sure I got plenty of protein and good carbs from fruits and veggies. I stayed away from rice, potatoes, and bread. I gained 18 lb…of fat. My strength went up slightly. Can you say genetic limit? I was graced with long legs and arms, a great immune system, and lots of stamina, but my musculature isn’t anything to write home about.

I know a couple of guys that had won some bodybuilding contests and talked to them. I read and studied for a year or so. Then I decided to try AAS. I did a couple of cycles, nothing major. In concert with that I did change my program to a powerlifting type one. My strength and size shot up. My 3 rep max on bench went up 70 lb. I gained size just about everywhere. Some was water, some was fat, most was muscle. I'm leaning down for another cycle this winter. I have a little bit to go to get to where I want to be but now I'm making progress. AAS is a tool you can use. If used in moderation it doesn't compromise your health or longevity. You use it a few weeks a year for a few years and you get muscle and strength that lasts for much longer. What you eat effects your health more than AAS used moderately.

I suffered an injury and during a follow up with the doctor I discussed my previous use of AAS and told her that I would like to continue in the future. She said “Go back to what you were doing, heavy weights, AAS, and all”. During a life insurance physical a nurse told me I was the healthiest 42 year old guy she had ever seen in 15 years of nursing. I was on a cycle at that time. So…that’s why I use them.

Your question is fair. If it is something you ponder regularly, I would suggest to you that you pick up a copy of the book ‘The Adonis Complex’. I read it, and found it very interesting.

I (hypothetically of course) use them because they are a highly effective muscle builder with controllable risks. It is a substance, not a ominous evil as some would believe, and I have no problem with the intelligent use of any substance, it’s a tool there for my use.