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Why Use Steroids?


I'm a newbie to training, only 20 years old. My questions are:

  1. Why do you feel the need to use steroids?
    1. Do you even consider how you are messing with your body? (in ways you probably don't even know?)
    2. I don't comprehend why the steroids route has to be used when for example we had greats like Steve Reeves accomplish brilliant physiques employing an all natural diet? (without the steroids)

Best regards Shire.


Because once you get into your thirties and forties you have one-fifth the amount of testosterone you had when you were eighteen?


I use HRT (hormone replacement Therapy) to replace depeted levels back to a normal range.


Post me again when your 40, if your still training. That's when I started after competing in powerlifting for 20 years. I'm not advocating you start at age 20 but don't buy into the media's demonization of AAS.


  1. Because when you actually have been training for a long time your training eventually comes to a halt and an increase in the diet turns into a lot more fat than muscle compared to years before.

  2. Of course we do. You don't read these boards much, do you? Most people who have used/are using have done their proper research beforehand (I'm on my first cycle now) and know what they are doing to their endocrine system, as well as how to restore it to homeostasis once the cycle is over.

Saying we are "messing with our body in ways we don't know" is a very ignorant statement to make, especially when you probably don't know the first thing about endocrinology or even biochemistry for that matter.

  1. We are not all born with unbelievable genetics. Unfortunately, life hands us lemons sometimes and we have to deal with it.

I hope that fulfills them all, and please do some more research before making any ignorant comments.


Hmm let's see, Why do people smoke, drink, eat sodium and fat filled food like mcdonalds, and do other drugs? Most things people do today aren't very safe, more people will die this year as a results of alcohol and prescription drugs (yes drugs that your doctor give you, just because they give them doesn't mean they can't negatively effect you). So what if I take steroids?

I don't smoke, I don't drink, I monitor my fat intake so what would be worse doing the 3 mentioned things or steroids? Anything done in moderation is ok,you bring some information that shows how horrible steroids are for you compared with other lifestyles people engage in.


Eeeer because it helps you get bigger stronger and leaner.

Steve Reeves had exceptional genetics. Most guys can't look like that without steroids.


Most people do consider this and they do know how they are messing around with their body.


man who cares, what pain is it bringing you? I would only be pissed if I KNEW people were using steroids in my sport to give them a edge over me. Yet all-i think- the people on this board at least just use for personal use.


My opinions:

  1. I'll be honest anything that is going to shrink my dong is not something I would put into my body.

  2. JoeyD2O your right I don't know much about biochemistry or the Endocronolgy system. However I do know that the body is incredibly complex and even if one is an expert in said fields you will not fully comprehend the effects on your body(by taking steroids). Therefore I don't think it's worth the risk.

  3. I'm not comparing steroids to drug or alcohol abuse. But I always viewed being strong (with a great physique) with a really high standard of health. Steroid use contradicts that.

best regards Shire.


  1. steroids don't "shring dongs." they decrease semen production, and, if you didn't know, semen pretty much gives your testes their size/volume. So, with less semen comes less size, but after your cycle they will go back to normal (if the roids were used properly and such).

  2. certain steroids have certain side effects. if one uses the proper steroids with proper nutrition and cylcing and etc, then overall body damage will be minimal, if any. it's the people that are uneducated and who abuse steroids that end up dying or whatever bad things may happen

  3. alcohol is good, it's enjoyable...WHEN USED PROPERLY. same thing with steroids. if you use them in moderation and controlled and such, they are fine. if abused, they are not.


  1. Steroids do not shrink your penis, they at most cause temporary shrinking of your testicles which come right back after your cycle ends.

  2. When taken in moderation steroids cause very little negative side effects. Definitely less sides than chronic alcohol use and cigarette smoking. The reason why boards like this one exist is to make those who chose to use AAS more educated and correctly use the drugs without negative sides.

  3. Why do you post a thread such as this on a steroid forum? Are trying to offend and piss people off or do you honestly want a valid answer to your questions? Perhaps you are doing a research paper or something. Regardless, here it is, the answer to your question, why do people use steroid?

Most people who use steroids have been members of the health and fitness communtiy for years and dedicated an crazy amount of time and energy into training their bodies to the highest level they can obtain. Some have better genetics than others and thus create more impressive physiques. Others, like myself are not as genetically gifted but put in the same if not more amount of time into their training and diet yet don't receive the same results in return.

By the structured use of AAS I am able to advance my body to higher and higher levels that natural training will simply not allow myself. I am not saying that everyone who starts taking AAS have poor genetics, that is just myself, personally. Many times the individuals who have good genetics and use AAS turn out to be professional bodybuilders.

Look at it this way, if you could improve the way your body looks and feels while suffering the same risks you would get from going out to the bars on the weekend would you do it. The only reasons that steroids are so demonized in this country is because many, and I mean many people don't really know shit about them. That is why they are still legal in so many other countries.


Natural Steve Reeves, eh? Well, tell me this. You are all natural like Reeves. Are you built like a brick shithouse like Reeves? Are you even close?


Shrink your "dong?" I must be in the wrong forum, I didn't realize T-Nation had a Junior High segment.

The average vet here pisses more knowledge than you'll ever comprehend.


Listen Pinto, I never said I resembled Steve Reeves, do not put words in my mouth.

2thepain, I started this thread in order to find other peopl's opinions and stimulate some debate so that I could learn a little more on Steroids. I'm in the UK and I think Steroid use is not as common here as Pro-bodybuilding although popular here is not as widespread as in the US/Canada. I apologise if I was disrespectful in my posts.

I really don't give a toss what you think mate, i'm not here to argue with people. If you get so irate over my posts don't read them :slightly_smiling: Oh and have you bothered reading the other sections of this forum, they aren't exactly overflowing with intellectual discussion e.g. "Is Tag-Teaming Cool?"


I'm pretty sure he is just trolling


Look Christomopher i'm not trolling, maybe some people will think it is inappropriate to post the things I wrote, but where else could I have posted such queries?

The Steroids part of the forum appeared most apt.

Frankly i've found T-Nation for the most part to be exactly what i've been looking for in terms of information/knowledge on weight training and nutrition(not to mention loads of other articles and threads on things i'm also interested in). T-Nation is a goldmine and i appreciate it (i've been reading it for 3 months).

Please don't label me a troll.

Once agin i apologise if i wrote some things that appeared rude, i am English so maybe you Americans aren't used to my style of language :slightly_smiling:


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Hey, bushy... Haven't come across any sheep herders, have you? In Wales? Sheep?

I know. Dumb joke. Some guy I was playing chess against lives in Wales and told me that one. "Wales. Where the sheep run from men."


Shire, my man! Everybody, this is Shire. He means well. He's trying to understand the whole "why" to the AAS dilemma.

Like I told you earlier, Shire. Many men have decreased testosterone production the older they get. It really messes with their lives. Depression. Lethargic. Miserable.

Other people take the time, learn what they're about to do and see doctors for pre and post cycle physicals. These guys know how their bodies respond to diet, training and sleep. This type of guy is the least likely to suffer from any adverse effects.

Last is the idiot. Those guys don't do anything, eat like crap and go out, partying all night. These are the guys that do it just to look "buff." These are the guys that end up having long term complications, since their endocrine system is all funked up, leading to a lifetime of medical problems.

Shire, you want to understand. This is the first step in learning the truth. Go to steroid.com and just read stuff. The (empirical) science is all there. The hype is stripped away. Go in with an open mind; without bias. Read and learn. Decide for yourself. But most importantly, learn to respect others' choices.


Thank you Kroby.