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Why Use Steroids?


If not training for an athletic event I wonder why some guys take steriods? Please don't take this question the wrong way, I'm not trying to be a smart ass holier than thou guy. I have toyed with the idea of taking steroids, but never have. I wonder what the feeling is like. I love to lift and do it purely to improve my body and mind for myself and myself only. Give me some feedback on some experiances, good or bad, Just curious.


There is so much demand for instant results and top notch training secrets. People are willing to pay for sometimes absurd diet and exercise ideas. Why not try steroids, substances illegalized due to their anabolic nature, would most likely be the mindset.

I don't speak from experience and could be spot on for some or completely off for all, who knows?


to be bigger than the next guy


Why lift weights? Why use supplements? etc.

I'm not being a smart ass here, I'm kinda serious. It all boils down to goals and what you're willing to do to achieve them. Similar to yourself, I have considered steroids many times, but never actually done any. Hell, I'm considering it right now! For me the main things keeping me from doing any are cost and illegality. I feel confident that if you're smart and you do your research, they can be used with relative safety.

I am still making natural gains and I no longer compete in any sports. For me, doing steroids right now would be for pure vanity, but then I'm a pretty vain guy!


so I can recover from workouts at close to the same ability I had when I was 15-20 years younger...


Why use 'roids? HMB feels like Deca !!!!


My take on it would be that it is like a fast forward button. What would take you 2 years to do naturally only takes 3 months when you're on gear.

I read and read and read some more before I decided to take the plunge and I don't know how others react but for me I don't "feel" anything. I do tend to be more short tempered. I also feel like a teenager in referance to wanting to get laid several times a day. But that's about it. And during the first month of the cycle I'm tired frequently.

Hope that helps.



I've never taken anything other than OTC supps but I've given gear a thought...Much more lately for some reason.

But here's my reason why I might...After years of hard hitting the weights, I've had people pull me aside at work and ask the gear question...I've had people who don't stick to their routine come into the gym and after not seeing me for months ask me what I'm on, (to those people I just tell them that the first step is you can't lay off), I've had people ask me what I do and how I do it....Bottom line, that feeling I get from that is very addicting.


Speaking from experience, using juice helps you not just get through plateaus but bust through them. Weight gain plateaus and and weight on the bar. If taken properly you keep a majority of both gains. Who doesn't want to be bigger and stronger? I think once you have enough training under your belt it's worth the money. There are many feelings you can not describe to someone that has never used.


Because they are less filling and taste great.

I researched the crap out of AAS before ever doing a cycle. To be 40 years old and see the kind of size/strength gains I made while on AAS was like being 18 again.

I pissed away my most productive years as a 20-something by chasing other dreams and never picking up a weight. My 30's were spent trying to fix ehat I had fucked up by pissing away my 20's. I never took the opportunity to try and reach my genetic potential wrt my physique.

It has only been in the last 4 years or so that I have become addicted to being as big as I possibly can. AAS has allowed me to catch up to my genetic potential while I am still young enough to enjoy being a big sumbitch.

But that is just my reasons - there are probably a million different reasons why regular joes like me get on the juice.


I figured it would be so you could intimidate anyone who disagreed with your right-wing views! :wink:


because i can.


what rainjack said


because testosterone makes you cooler, funner, smarter, handsomer, stronger, and hyoojer.


Totally concur with Juice20


Because its my choice (yep what juice said)


I am currently 3 weeks into my first cycle. I decided to use steroids to aid me in becoming a big muscular bastard



hows the cycle going so far dezz?? I know you went the EQ base root instead of test... never tried EQ so im curious how your doing.


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So far good strength gains, awesome pumps ,3-4 pounds so far but nothing really noticeable yet as far as weight gain goes. What I am really loving so far is the fucking INSANE appetite. At the start of my cycle, getting in 4,500 calories a day made me want to puke, but now it seems like jack shit!
I am loving it :wink: