Why Use Fenugreek???

What does it do to help build muscle, if anything? I’ve seen it as an additive in many trib or natural compounds but I don’t know how it works in the body. I wiki’d it first and got nothing on how it pertains to athletes.

controls/lowers blood sugar, thereby controlling insulin which would in turn affect appetite, weight loss, body composition etc.

I know supplement companies can’t really be trusted but Extreme Physical Performance (EP2) is hyping their Fenugreek as raising Test as well? Reliable? Doubtful, but I like doing my homework. Thoughts?

Sorry, But I think I am wrong about the effects I mentioned. I found an old Cy Wilson article in the archives that said Fenugreek, caused hypoglycemia and reduced T3 production in long term application.

Search the archives.
Poliqiun has some info on his website as well.