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Why Use Creatine?


I have recently had a discussion with some friends that work out as well, and despite all of us being sold on using creatine, we disagree as to why it is a good supp.

I have given the reason that it gives energy and thus will help you get mabey an extra rep or two on a hard set, mentioned that when I take 10 grams of it, i'll get that amped feeling. I say that if you can force more work out of a muscle, you'd help it grow faster.

They mention the reason why is because it draws water into the muscles which sounds like a pretty useless reason to be taking something unless you like dehydrating your tendons and ligaments, etc. They also are completely oblivious to anything that creatine does to increase energy, saying that they've never heard about that.

So, who is right?


Creatine may increase water retention but the water isnt drawn from "tendons and ligaments, etc". That's just retarded.

Why havent you simply showed them the link to Biotest's explanation of creatine?


nm that doesnt exist


okok, well I never claimed that it would do that.

Anyway, what about the energy thing? Is my perception accurate?


Creatine is an opportunity for the body to store extra quickly accessible energy. When you use your muscles you use energy: ATP is converted to ADP. Creatine stores some extra energy that will quickly convert ADP back to ATP so that your muscles can keep contracting for a few more reps. If you get two more reps on every set for ten years, you will probably grow a bit more than you would have without creatine.



The swelling of the muscles may do two things. First, swelling muscle cells may have anabolic effects via stretching the fascia . Second, cell volume is a powerful signal for division/proliferation. If the cells are enlarged, they are more likely to divide and grow.

And, I do notice reduced elasticity in my joints if I have taken a lot of creatine. I lift heavy for about 1 hour, then wrestling for 2 hours. I dropped creatine, as I just dont feel "right" wrestling while taking creatine, though Im fine lifting while taking it.